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Eye problems are no joke. More than 12 million Americans have vision impairment. Most people can see to a certain degree, but they need tools in order to see properly. 

Glasses are your best tool to protect your eyes and enhance your vision. Yet wearing them when you don’t require them can hurt your vision. In order to save your sight, you need to know the signs you need glasses. 

What are a few of the most common vision impairment disorders? What are the signs you need glasses? What else may you need besides eyeglasses?

Answer these questions and you can take charge of your eye health. Here is your quick guide.

Nearsightedness and Farsightedness

Nearsightedness occurs when you cannot see objects that are some distance away from you. You may not be able to read road signs without squinting. You may not be able to see objects as they approach or move away from you. 

Farsightedness is difficulty with seeing objects that are close to you. As you are reading, you may need to hold a book away from your face. Farsightedness is a bigger problem amongst older people. 

It can be hard to tell what problem you have. The signs you need new glasses overlap amongst different conditions. You should do research on “nearsighted vs farsighted” and find a doctor who can administer tests for your vision.

Computer Vision Syndrome

As the name indicates, computer vision syndrome stems from excessive computer use. It can cause many problems, including eye strain and headaches. If you notice signs you need new prescription glasses after a day of working on the computer, you probably have computer vision syndrome.

Night Vision

It is okay to have a little difficulty with your night vision. But you should be able to see lights from a distance and read signs underneath street lights. 

Your eyes should not hurt as you step from a well-lit room into a dark one. You may need to wear prescription glasses that let your eyes transition without straining. 


Cataracts occur when the lenses in your eyes become cloudy. The lenses may fill with fluid or become misshapen. Cataracts occur amongst older Americans, but younger Americans with pre-existing conditions like diabetes can get them. 

The signs of cataracts include blurry vision, lights seeming too bright, and colors looking faded. Cataracts require not just glasses, but surgery. You should go to your doctor and get a full eye exam if you think you have cataracts.

The Signs You Need Glasses

There are quite a few signs you need glasses. If you have nearsightedness or farsightedness, you should get glasses right away. 

Computer vision syndrome causes pain and blurry vision after excessive computer use. You can find glasses that reduce glare. You may want to wear these glasses if you have trouble with your night vision. 

Cataracts ruin how your eyes perceive light and color. You need to wear glasses and get surgery so you don’t become blind. 

Glasses are just one tool you need for good vision. Read more eye health guides by following our coverage.

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