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Have you paid attention to the effect of color on your feelings and attitude? When choosing paint colors for your bedroom, it’s essential to choose the right color and shade because it can make a difference in your mood.

You may have your tastes and likes which are different from the traditional rules of bedroom painting.

The following are 12 exciting bedroom paint ideas and techniques that will spruce up the appearance of your room.

1. Bedroom Paint Ideas: Gray

Gray is the color for people who like minimalist designs and high-end gadgets. The paint color is a favorite among hard-working Millennials who are looking to unwind.

Gray means you are a tech geek, and you are open to simpler ways of living.

2. Yellow

Yellow is a comforting color. The color is stimulating to people who are perfectionists or dreamers. Yellow in your bedroom means that you’re giving yourself time to reflect and think.

You can use a few tricks to make the yellow color work best for you;

• Paint one wall and see if it’s enough

• Add extra shade to darken the yellow color to gold

• Use yellow drapes and beddings

3. Orange

Choosing orange means you’re fearless and love to socialize. Orange walls are warm, and they inspire enthusiasm. Orange is one of the most popular modern interior design colors.

It adds more fun and happiness to your life and bedroom.

4. Baby Blue

A baby blue color is refreshing and soothing when you walk into the bedroom. The color is versatile and gives the bedroom a dreamy and airy feeling.

5. Soft Black

A darker color like soft black works perfectly for smaller spaces, especially if there’s natural light coming through.

The color sets the appropriate mood by making it feel more personal and unique.

You can use beddings with lighter shades and install modern lighting fixtures to keep the room bright.

6. Pale Beige

Beige is a solid, warm, and subtle color. It brings a crisp quality and warmth to your interior bedroom space. You can add some more cheer by throwing in pillows with pale beige features.

7. Cobalt Blue

Paints with the most gloss content make the boldest of statements, including cobalt blue. Cobalt blue on walls leaves a rich and shiny finish that reflects light around the bedroom.

8. Bright White

A bedroom with white walls is plain and simple. The neutral hues of the bright white wall color give the bedroom an energetic and timeless quality.

9. Bright Red

Red is a bold and hyperactive color, yet it’s also calming and has a timeless quality. For an exciting and appealing look, it’s advisable to use a high-gloss paint and finish the ceiling off with flat white paint.

10. Violet

Violet is a better preference if you don’t like color to be the main highlight of your bedroom. Violet simply gives shape to your bedroom. Use a low bed to make the best out of violet bedroom walls.

11. Mocha

Mocha shows that you are approachable and straightforward. It also means that you enjoy life’s luxuries and enjoy sprucing up your home.

12. Green

If you prefer green, you are patient and don’t like drama. Green is environment-friendly, and it’s considered a relaxing color. You would prefer green if your life has been filled with chaos.

When you’re asking yourself “what’s the best color for painting my room?” – Green is the color to make it stress-free.


Choosing the right color shouldn’t be hard with these bedroom paint ideas.

Remember to select chemical-free and low-VOC paints to make your home environment-friendly.

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