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What do Bill Clinton, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Kate Middleton have in common? Besides that they are rich and famous, all of them were bullied during their childhood! Deplorably, bullying is a wide-spread problem; it happens worldwide! And it can vandalize everything, from your self-esteem to your physical and mental health. One thing is pretty sure after knowing the number of sheer famous people who got bullied; bullying is common!

So, is it possible to get rid of bullying? Of course, it is!

And Below I Have Mentioned the Ways to Actually Stop Being Bullied.

1. Understand That It Isn’t Your Fault

Its not your fault

The main reason why you are being bullied is that you are unique! Maybe unique in your clothing, interest or habits and that is not your fault! It patently has to do with the bully’s personal issues. Don’t start scrutinizing yourself with the bully’s eyes; don’t fall short on your self-esteem, because that way you attract the bully more towards harassing you. Making a note of all the unique abilities you possess, that distinguish you from the rest of the public, can definitely help you maintain a smile and self-esteem the next time you face the bully.

2. Ignore


This is assuredly the best option. Don’t pay attention to the bully’s remarks. Just ignore, yield your head high and walk away in a way that shows you are a person deserving respect and you lay unaffected by their comments.
Undoubtedly, this is a response the bully doesn’t expect or enjoy. And after a few more attempts they give up on the whole idea of bullying you because they don’t see the wanted chagrin generating in you. Yes, you are definitely going to feel it but the game lies mainly in not expressing it.

3. Initiate Friendships

Stand up for othersDevelop new friends, stand up for each other, support others and ask for support. If someone is being bullied speak up. Tell the bully calmly to stop it and convince the audience that what they are practicing isn’t fair or morally acceptable. The bully’s main power is the audience’s approval and when that breaks their statements end up being an insult at their own self.

4. Deny Their Demands

Say no to bullying being bullied
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Bullies are seeking to steal away your own self-worth and impose their own influence over you. Each time you give in the bully’s tricks, you make things more possible that in the future they will threaten you again. Speaking up to the bully by refusing their conditions would hopefully discourage them from targetting you next time.

5. Speak Out

Bullies would usually like to see their targets alone and without any support from another person.  Part of avoiding bullying involves learning about it and being able to speak out about it. If even one or two individuals stand up to them and protect the person being bullied, a bully can not go on.  Be cautious and don’t be scared to speak out and include other people to let the bully realize that their actions are miserable and would never be accepted.

6. Get Medical Help

Doctor - being bullied

You might want to get medical support such as a psychiatrist or doctor if you were being bullied several times. Such experts will assist you or will teach you how to cope with bullying by increasing your self-confidence and self-worth once again.

7. Use the Group System Against Bullies


Group of friends - being bullied

Bullies feel powerful to threaten one guy, but they hardly ever harass a group of around more than 3 people.

If the bullying will not end despite adopting such techniques, then it might be time to ask for assistance.  Don’t feel embarrassed to let someone know you are being bullied. Don’t worry there would be many people to help you out.

Always remember, bullying isn’t okay or just for laughs. It’s a serious violation of a human being, hence say no to bullying, stand up against it and always support other people who face such challenging circumstances which can ruin their life and confidence.

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