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Currently, there are 113,329 heating and air conditioning contractor businesses in the United States. With so many HVAC contractors to choose from, it’s hard to find the best company for your needs.

Whether your air conditioner is old or broken down, finding the right air conditioner installer is essential to the life of your system. Read our guide to learn how to pick the right contractor in your area.

1. Check for Licenses

An air conditioner installer should be licensed through the Contractors State License Board. This is essential to check because some contractors work under the radar and only say they have the proper licensing.

A license proves that a contractor is advanced enough to work with gas lines and electrical and plumbing applications. Before you get an air conditioning installation, check for a licensing number.

This number should be marked on a company’s website and most of their paperwork. A contractor without a license also won’t have insurance in case something goes wrong.

2. Read Online Reviews

Google is a great place to search for online reviews because they don’t filter them. This means you are seeing real reviews, even the bad ones.

Even though Google keeps an eye on its reviews, it’s possible companies will ask people to write fake reviews for them. Use your gut in this case. If something doesn’t look right, move on to a different company.

A reputable company is likely to offer reviews on their website. Go through all website reviews to get a good idea of the service provided.

3. Get a Written Estimate

Before an air conditioner installation, a company should provide you with a written estimate or bid. If a company tries to give you this information over the phone, consider it a red flag and find someone else to do business with.

The reason you should never stick with a verbal contract is in case something goes wrong. Without a written bid, you’ll have a hard time proving the truth in court.

4. Don’t Hire the Cheapest Company

HVAC installation doesn’t always come cheap and for good reason. It takes a lot of skills and knowledge to install a system properly.

HVAC contractors tend to charge what they are worth. If you are opting for the cheapest company, you may be spending more down the line when your system stops working.

5. Know Experience Isn’t Everything

When you need a new air conditioner, don’t let experience fool you. Someone that has been an HVAC contractor for decades may have experience under their belt, but not be up to date on current technology.

Like all technology, the HVAC business is continuously changing. Newer systems can help with energy efficiency and decrease the cost of your utility bills as a result.

Be sure the company you hire has technicians that are well versed in the newest technology.

Hiring an Air Conditioner Installer the Right Way

As summer approaches, you may be in dire need of a new air conditioning system. To make it last its entire lifetime, hire the right air conditioner installer for proper installation.

With this guide, you’ll know the difference between a professional technician and one you shouldn’t trust. Start your research for a reputable company now!

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