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Traveling the country on a road trip is a fantastic way to experience new places. Road trips are a safe way to satisfy your travel bug during the COVID-19 pandemic. By traveling in a car, you limit the risk of exposure at airports.

Are you hoping to go on an epic road trip but have no idea how to start? Road trip prep includes more things than just good music and lots of snacks. Continue reading to learn how to prepare for an incredible road trip.

Plan Your Route

It’s not wise to hit the road without a plan. The most difficult part of creating a road trip plan is choosing your destination. Once you’ve selected your road trip destination, begin mapping your ideal route.

Using a GPS will usually take you to your destination on the fastest route. But you want to take the scenic route on road trips!

Invest time in discovering attractions you want to see along the way. A classic paper map is a great tool to help you design your ideal route.

Plan your route on a paper map, and use a GPS to guide you if you feel uneasy. Keep the paper map in your car in case of a technology issue.

Choose Your Stops

Plan where you are going to stop for overnight stays, whether at hotels or campsites. Resist the temptation to drive all through the night.

Night driving is one of the biggest reasons for common car accidents. Driving while sleepy is also dangerous. It’s better to arrive at your accommodation alert rather than being tired on the road.

Plan to take a driving break every 2 hours, and take turns driving if you’re traveling with others.

If you will be driving through the desert or another barren area, you will need to map out exits that have gas stations and food.

Decide What Car to Use

If you want to take your own car on your road trip, have it checked up before leaving. The last thing you want to deal with is car problems in an unfamiliar place. Familiarize yourself with how to change a spare tire.

If you’d rather rent a car or camper van, perform research on companies with affordable rates and good reviews. If you rent a car, always add rental car insurance in case something happens.

Have Emergency Supplies

Even if you prepare well, emergency situations can still appear. Keep an emergency kit in your car. Gather car-specific items such as jumper cables. motor oil, and a tire jack.

For general emergencies, bring a first aid kit, bottled water, a blanket, and a flashlight. Keep non-perishable food items and a portable phone charger on hand as well.

Begin Your Road Trip Prep Today

Road trip prep can be just as exciting as going on the trip. If you prepare well, your road trip will be smooth and enjoyable. You can even plan to take a different route on your way home to maximize your experience.

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