Best report card remarks for final term students Best report card remarks for final term students

We have some positive and negative comments to give students of all kinds. But when you need comments and remarks for the final term students, you have to be more mindful regarding what you say or write. 

To help you with some good examples, in this article, we share with you the best report card remarks you can give or write to students in the final exam. The purpose of these unique comments is to encourage your final year students as they are moving to further education. 

Good Report Card Comments for Last Term

Good report card comments for last term

It might be hard to come up with what to write on the last term report card. But when you have these good example remarks it would be easy for you to decide how to start and what to say in the report card. Take a look at these report card remarks ideas. 

  1. Such a hard-working student in the class. All the best for the next journey. 
  2. I’m so glad to have you as my student. Have a great future ahead. 
  3. Your dedication to learning is truly appreciated. 
  4. Wishing you all the best for the upcoming educational path, you decided to take.
  5. It was great to see you growing all these years. I think you are ready for the future. 
  6. I hope you achieve everything that you desire. My best wishes to you. 
  7. So amazed to see your progress over time.
  8. Everyone has some challenging years. But you come out of that very well. 
  9. You have shown exceptional improvement in the study. I hope you’ll keep it going. 
  10. I have never seen such a hardworking and consistent student like you in my life. 
  11. You have been and always will be my best student. So good to be your teacher. 
  12. Your hard work over these years finally paid off. As your teacher, I feel proud of you. 
  13. All these years you have demonstrated good classroom behavior. 
  14. I appreciate you for always supporting and influencing your classmates positively. 
  15. You worked hard for this and proved that you have good potential. 

General Remarks for Final Term Report Card

General remarks for final term report card

You don’t want to report card remarks only around academic performance. There has to be a good balance of comments that mention students’ personal and educational performance over the years. And, here is the perfect list of general remarks to give to final-year students. 

  1. Your marks are good, but it would be helpful if you know how to work in a team. 
  2. All these years, you have shown great improvement, I’m very proud of that. 
  3. Happy to see you becoming a mature and more understanding student. 
  4. Many students come and go but some students like you will always be remembered. 
  5. I’m impressed with your good organizing skills. It helps you in the future a lot. 
  6. How you manage your time and stay focused is what every student should learn. 
  7. I was worried about your social skills. But you amazed me with the final term behavior. 
  8. Good to see you mature in every area as a student and as a person. 
  9. Always be outgoing and supportive of others. Best wishes for your journey. 
  10. You might be a good student, but l wish that you also start feeling confident in yourself. 
  11. I witness the increase in your confidence, which is the progress you need. 
  12. Always be yourself, you know how to do the right things. 
  13. You need to be more expressive about your opinion on something. 
  14. I hope you focus on your public speaking skills, that would help you a lot. 
  15. Never back up from learning something new. Opportunities may come in any form.

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Motivating Comments for Students in the Last Semester

Motivating comments for students in last semester

If you want to make your final-year students feel motivated as they are moving to further studies, this is what you can tell them. This list covers motivational comments to make them feel confident about their present performance and make them keep it up in the future. 

  1. You have shown consistent performance and I’m happy with the progress. 
  2. I noticed that you become so attached to learning and studying independently. 
  3. You are an excellent student. But, you need to ask for help when you need it. 
  4. I like how you pay attention to studying something new. This will help you grow faster. 
  5. All you need is to stay focused on the task you take on. That’s my best advice to you. 
  6. The level of determination you have shown is truly exceptional. 
  7. Hard to see that students like you are leaving, but I’m happy to see you improving. 
  8. I enjoyed teaching you, as you are teachable and very easy to work with. 
  9. You are such an ideal student that every teacher wishes to have in class. 
  10. So glad to have you in my school. Keep me posted about your progress in the future. 
  11. It’s always amazing to see that you are hungry to learn more. It made me teach more. 
  12. You deal with the challenges with a very open and positive mind. 
  13. In the future, you deserve great success. May you accomplish every goal in your mind. 
  14. From my very early years, I saw that you have the potential to change others’ life. 
  15. Surprising to see such a confidence level in students of your age. Keep it high. 

Encouraging Report Card Remarks for Final Exam

Encouraging report card remarks for final exam

When you are preparing the final exam report card, you need some encouraging comments like these. Such comments you can give to students who need support and encouragement, especially to average and weak students moving on to further studies. 

  1. You are excellent at education. But you should also focus on another area as well. 
  2. I’m sure you need no advice. That you know how to adjust to the new education system. 
  3. I noticed that you feel challenged during the new project. You should work on it. 
  4. As your teacher, I can confirm that you will achieve more than anyone else. 
  5. I want you to take on a more challenging project and get used to it. 
  6. Love how you are the only student who comes up with new concepts and ideas. 
  7. I like how you are always interested in learning more. Always be that curious. 
  8. Never let that enthusiasm go away. Always be ready to learn and grow more. 
  9. Your positive approach towards everything is truly remarkable. 
  10. So far you have performed best in the class. Now it’s time to do something big in life. 
  11. I noticed that you gave up too easily. And I want you to stay confident that you can do it. 
  12. It might be hard for you, but I hope you take on more projects outside your comfort. 
  13. Your interest in learning something new is what I like the most. Keep it up. 
  14. I wish you the best for the course or study you are going to take from here. 
  15. Working with students like you always ends up making me feel proud of my job. 

Short Remarks for Report Card for Final Term

Short remarks for report card for final term

You want to keep your report card comments supportive, for sure. But it also would be good if you keep it short and meaningful. To give some ideas, here are the short comment examples you can use when writing final term report cards for students. 

  1. That was such an impressive transformation. 
  2. I have seen you become mature. 
  3. You are ready for the next life challenge. 
  4. My best wishes for your career and future. 
  5. It’s hard to forget a student like you. 
  6. Always going to remember great students like you all. 
  7. Hope to find more students like you in the next batch. 
  8. Keep me updated about your future achievements. 
  9. Feel free to reach out when you need any support. 
  10. It has been a great feeling to be your teacher.
  11. Enjoyed every teaching session in this class. 
  12. So it is a pleasure to have good students like you in my lectures. 
  13. I’m going to remember you for your positivity. 
  14. Your positive nature and dedication are truly admirable. 
  15. Best wishes for continuous improvement as you have shown. 
  16. I think I’m grateful to have you as my student. 

How To Write The Report Card Comments for the Final Exam?

How to write the report card comments for the final exam

Well, your comments of course solely rely on the individual performance of the particular students in the exam. So, your comments or remarks on the report card have to be unique and personalized. As a teacher you are already well-familiar with each student and how they progress over the years. 

But sometimes though it happens that you want to avoid the repetition of the same words by habit. In that case, such example report card remarks make sense when you are preparing the report card for the final term students. We hope that we provided the best comments and remarks that help you give the most supportive and genuine feedback to students in their last exam who are moving forward in their educational journey. 

Next time, try these Sincere report card comments to update students’ progress.


What do you comment on the end of a term report card?

Your short feedback at the end of a report card means a lot to students and their parents. It could be positive and supportive remarks to update them on their progress or to make them practice more next time. 

How do you write an end-of-term report?

Normally, you want to make the end-of-term report card more precise and meaningful based on individual students’ performance. Also, you can mention the one good quality about each student to make them feel positive about their performance so far.

What are some short remarks for a report card?

Along with giving marks, and suggestions, you need to give some short comments and remarks that talk about the unique quality of a student. it could be related to their classroom behavior or leadership. Also, you can consider the separate list of short remarks we have on this article.

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