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It’s pretty easy not to take online learning seriously. With more students engaging in distance learning during the pandemic, it’s become the “new norm”—which may mean letting your guard down in terms of your classwork!

Worse, online learning presents the same changes as ever: a less rigid schedule, less oversight, and more freedom. These changes can be good or bad, of course, but it all depends on what you make of them.

Fortunately, a few simple remote learning tips can help you stay on top of your coursework with less stress. If you’re struggling to keep up with the change in teaching styles, check out our top tips for remote learning at home.

1. Establish a Routine

Most remote learning opportunities are adapting to the pandemic in various ways, but the end result may be that your schedule looks different than it used to. And with professors sending recorded lessons or asking for forum participation only, you may not even always need to interact with others in real-time!

This is why it’s important to create a routine to keep productive. Choose a time of day to tackle your classwork, and make sure to stick to the habit. This keeps your mind primed for schoolwork, and it also sets a clear “do not disturb” boundary for family members or roommates during these hours.

2. Designate a Study Space

It’s tempting to do all your work slumped on the sofa, but this may not be the most productive choice.

Instead, set up a desk area away from household distractions. This can help you focus on your studies and get into the habit of leaving leisure behind when you’re there. Your GPA—and your back—will thank you.

3. Hack Your Productivity

With plenty of online resources to make studying easier, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the tools available to you! From helpful study apps to organize your thoughts to online Pomodoro timers to balance your workday, you’ll find endless opportunities to expand the way you learn. Experiment to see what works best to supplement your learning style!

4. Socialize With Purpose

Here’s one of the online learning tips many people forget: staying connected is still important. Technology makes it easy for us to communicate online, but it doesn’t always make it easy to connect with peers in the same ways we would in person.

Whenever possible, take opportunities for productive socialization. For example, try roping some of your classmates into a video study session to get ahead with your homework while staying engaged.

5. Take Care of Yourself

Online learning can present new challenges, and isolation from classmates and social opportunities can be hard. Though your classwork is important, it’s just as important to care for yourself to keep from burning out.

Make sure to establish a wellness routine that includes regular exercise and eight hours of sleep. Experiment to see what mental health habits work best for you, from morning meditation to yoga during study breaks to a walk in the park when you’re done.

Make These Remote Learning Tips Work for You

As with any advice, you’ll need to play around with these remote learning tips to decide how to make them fit into your lifestyle. However, this must-know advice can help you make the most of your transition to online learning. Stay positive, and put these tips to work!

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