Reception dress styles Reception dress styles

It is becoming increasingly common to choose a second dress for brides. The ceremony dress is a traditional staple, but many new brides are experimenting with a reception dress. It is less formal and allows the bride to show off her moves on the dance floor. Generally, reception dresses are very different but just as beautiful as traditional wedding dresses. It allows the bride to feel beautiful and comfortable. There are a lot of options and styles to choose from when it comes to reception gowns. These are a few styles to choose from if you are a stumped bride to be:

Tea Length

Tea-length dresses are dresses that extend beyond the knee but are also above the ankle. Many brides choose this beautiful style for their reception dress as it is comfortable but does not sacrifice the romantic aspect of a dress. Tea-length dresses are both contemporary and feminine. Receptions are much more relaxed than ceremonies but also require more walking. Most brides will regret getting a train on her reception dress for fear of staining it. A tea-length dress will not touch the ground, so there will be no worry of dragging it across the floor and receiving questionable stains on the hem. Tea-length dresses also allow for a free range of motion, and they let your wedding shoes shine. It is a shorter, sexier, and flirtier choice than a full-length gown. These are just a few of the many reasons why a tea-length dress is a perfect reception dress.

A Floral Dress

Many brides would not think to consider print as the variable that is changed on their reception dress, but it can be refreshing to see a nature-inspired gown. Romantic florals can be a beautiful print for a less traditional dress, and this style would pair beautifully with an outdoor reception. A floral reception dress allows a bride who wore a traditional ceremony gown to be more unique and festive. Brides can also select a non-white floral dress if they are interested in something more romantic and stand out. Choosing bright and bold hues can be a knockout out, or for those that are more traditional, a floral lace overlay on a white dress is a great choice.

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Mini Dress

Brides are often expected to be prim, proper, and perfect on their wedding day, but many brides can find those stereotypes to be suffocating. How you choose to express yourself on your wedding day should be up to you. A mini dress is a great statement against these stereotypes, and it also offers numerous benefits. Mini dresses are called mini because they end above the knee, which allows brides to show off their fantastic legs and beautiful heels. Mini dresses are not generally in the bridal section, but affordable retailers like Zara, Fashion Nova, and ASOS carry short white party dresses. These dresses are “normal dresses” and will not have the wedding mock-up as they are traditionally used as a cocktail or party dress. Due to their length and style, these dresses can also be reworn. Bonus: You will not have to keep your beautiful wedding dress in the box! Feel free to reworn accordingly.


Jumpsuits are a popular wedding option in ceremonies and receptions. They are sleek-looking and comfortable. You cannot doubt a jumpsuit’s mobility or modern edge. A jumpsuit is a chic choice and can be great for brides who felt they chose a ceremony gown that was too traditional. It is a style that will likely become a modern staple but is still experiential enough for you to stand out among brides. Jumpsuits are as varied as wedding dresses, so there will definitely be a silhouette, print, and fabric that suits you. Brides can also further customize the jumpsuit’s neckline or embellishments to add their personal touch. A wide-leg silhouette looks great on everyone. Jumpsuits are an alternative, chic, and comfortable choice that you will not regret. Also, it has pockets!

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Minimalist Dress

Wedding dresses are often known to be extravagant and exorbitant in design. Many brides may feel the pressure to choose a “once-in-a-lifetime” dress for their ceremony but find that it is non-reflective of their personal style. Choosing a minimalist dress is becoming more common among brides. People at your reception are the ones you hold close to your heart, and letting yourself shine instead of the dress is a refreshing new take on bridal wear. A simple dress will highlight your beauty and is also refreshingly modern. A minimalist dress is easily identified because they are normally made of one fabric that allows for a universally flattering, sleek look. How casual or sophisticated you want the dress to be is all up to you.

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