Pros and сons of two wedding dresses Pros and сons of two wedding dresses

Ever since childhood, all girls dream of dressing up in a wedding dress and being more beautiful than everyone else. They imagine a festive image in vivid fantasies.

Why do brides, in general, decide to wear two wedding dresses to one wedding?

Pros of Wedding Dresses:

1. The first wedding dress is too heavy or uncomfortable

If you want to arrange a photoshoot and wedding ceremony in a complex cut outfit, it is better to have a backup for the banquet and the first dance.

This applies to models with a long train, tight-fitting dresses, and styles “mermaid”, products made of heavy materials, or with a tight corset. Appreciate your comfort, why torture yourself during the wedding and hide the movements with an uncomfortable outfit? After all, you can change clothes before the restaurant, then you will be free to dance and have fun, and not think about how best to stand or sit.

2. To have pictures in several images

Some brides want to change their wedding dresses to another designer like JA and take pictures in several outfits. Or have the ceremony in a luxurious dress and take part in the photos, and then change into a simpler dress and continue in extreme conditions. For example, in water, on a soccer field, in paint, etc.

3. The bride liked both dresses, she couldn’t choose one

And sometimes it happens that the bride just can’t make up her mind and choose one thing. So why deny yourself the pleasure of having two images for your wedding?

4. There is a risk of ruining the first outfit

If the climate is unstable and there is a risk that it will rain, you can have a backup outfit for backup.

The same goes for winter weddings. You can do a fabulous photoshoot in a closed version, and change to a more open and lighter model for the banquet.

5. Planning a wedding in the heat of the year

It is necessary to go to church in closed clothing. A long skirt and sleeves (at least short ones) should be present. And to spend the whole wedding day in clothes, covering from head to toe, is not the most comfortable thing to do. Therefore, for the walk and the restaurant, you can prepare the second option.

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Cons of Wedding Dresses:

1. financial compromises.

This shocks no one: two dresses are more costly than one dress. There’s consistently a chance you’ll have to improve your wedding spending design to make the second (or third) wedding dress a practical choice. You might have to settle on a choice between the additional hand-bound show-stopper and the excellent charger plates you’ve been looking at, yet in case that is good with you and your life partner-to-be, by all means, increment your dress financial plan to accomplish something you’ll cherish.

2. Time allotted.

A wedding course of events can be very complicated, so ensure you let your wedding organizer know to make tentative plans for additional opportunities to roll out the improvement from your function dress to your gathering dress. Assuming you need formal wedding photographs of the two outfits, you’ll likewise have to factor on schedule for this. With these new interesting points, you’ll probably remove time from pictures, mixed drinks, or a tranquil second alone with your new mate. Also, the difficulties that accompany taking off one wedding dress and putting on another; your bridesmaids should prepare with your complicated bodices for twice as long.

3. The cynics.

In case you’re thinking about a marriage outfit change or two, ensure you gauge the elements: monetary, climatic, and dramatic the same. For the lady who is vacillating about changing her wedding dress between occasions however enjoys having an alternate search for the gathering, it’s exceptionally famous to wear an overskirt or bolero for the function, and afterward eliminate the frill for the gathering or get-together. Likewise with each piece of wedding exhortation we give, we need to urge ladies to settle on choices that they will love after the wedding is finished – be consistent with yourself, your mate, and yourselves as a team, and you’ll have everything that you might have longed for and the absolute best wedding day.

Only it is desirable that the two look different. For example, one puffy long wedding dress, and the second lace short one. Or the first in the Empire style and the second in the retro style.

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A transformer dress as an alternative to two dresses at a wedding

If you want to have two looks on your wedding day, but your budget is limited or you don’t see the point of buying two separate outfits, you can opt for a transformer. The perfect compromise: first you go to the wedding in a gorgeous long, perhaps puffy wedding gown, and then the dress transforms…transforms into a light and comfortable mini.

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