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A study on American traveling found that over half of the respondents said that they’ve never owned a passport. The same study also found that 11% of respondents have never traveled outside of the state they live in.

Based on this study, we know that many Americans have never traveled abroad. Traveling abroad can be overwhelming as the industry has many flight rules.

If you plan to travel overseas, you’ll benefit from our pre-flight checklist. Read on to learn more.

Before Packing

The first step in our pre-flight checklist involves the stage before you start packing. Everyone has certain travel essentials that they need in their carry-on bag, but do they follow the 3-1-1 liquids rule?

  • 3.4 ounces or less per container
  • 1-quart size clear bag for all liquids to fit into
  • 1 bag per passenger

Follow these rules carefully for carry-on bags or you won’t be able to take your essential items on the plane. In fact, you’ll be asked to throw them away during the security process.

Next, you’ll need to review prohibited items for checked bags and carry-on bags. You’ll want to know this information before you begin packing.

Start Packing

When you start packing for traveling abroad, you’ll need to fit everything in one suitcase unless you plan on paying an extra fee. Be sure to check the maximum weight your suitcase can be to avoid overcharges.

The best packing tip we can provide is to pack your items in layers. Shoes first, then clothes, and, lastly, electronics.

Having electronics on the top layer of your carry-on will make the screening process much quicker. You must take out electronics from your bag when you go through the security check.

Before Airport Arrival

Before heading to the airport, you should double-check your travel details. If you are driving there, you should schedule airport long term parking in advance.

You’ll want to give yourself enough time to travel to the airport and go through security checkpoints.

The travel industry has strict rules for their passengers so it is essential to have identification. If you are traveling abroad, your passport is necessary and will work as a form of ID.

Often, you can pre-check your bag online to smoothen the process when you arrive at the airport. Once your packed items are all together, throw on some easily removable shoes and head out of the door.

Checkpoint and Standard Screening Process

If you followed the above smart travel tips, you should have no trouble entering the checkpoint and making your way through the screening process.

You’ll need a form of identification and your boarding pass ready to enter the checkpoint. Once in the standard screening lane, empty pockets, remove shoes and place electronic items in the bins.

Follow TSA instructions to the tee and you’ll be good to go. Lastly, grab all belongings from the bin before leaving the screening area.

The Only Pre-Flight Checklist You’ll Ever Need

For first-time abroad travelers, the travel system might be confusing and overwhelming. With this pre-flight checklist, you’ll have peace of mind knowing about what you are walking into.

After booking a flight, check the rules and regulations before you start packing. Packing the right way will get you through the screening process much faster.

Enjoy your travels and check out our other articles while you wait to board your plane!

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