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Looking for fun ways to change up your baking?

We all have the baking essentials like whisks, cake pans, cupcake tins, and electronic mixers and these things are great. There’s no need to replace the basics.

That said, sometimes we want to try new things and novelties to try out, or just handy tools that can make your baking experience easier.

Not sure what kind of must-have baking products you should try out? We have a few suggestions. Whether you’re looking for something fun and cute or you want things that can streamline your baking process, we’ve got ideas for everyone. Keep reading for some of our favorite helpful and cool baking products for your kitchen.

1. Efficient Parchment Paper

Do you get frustrated with parchment paper? Unless you have the most perfectly-sized cookie sheet, it tends to hang off the edges. Don’t even get us started on cake tins (especially round ones, ugh!).

Sure, there are ways to modify your parchment paper. Everyone has read about those tips and tricks. But when you’re in a hurry to finish your special birthday cake, taking time out to do that can seem like a chore.

Buying pre-cut parchment paper based on the size of your baking vessel is a great way to make your next cake baking project easier and faster. Don’t waste time cutting up or folding your parchment paper. Check out some of the parchment options at The Smart Baker and make your next cake a breeze.

2. Various Piping Tips

Do you want cakes and cupcakes that rival those you can find in bakeries?

While you may not be making professional-quality cakes, you can attempt to make professional-quality decorations. Piping tips make it easy after a bit of practice.

There are a lot of tips to choose from. You can use ones with fancy swirls for the tops of your favorite cupcakes, or small ones for writing out names and drawing frosting designs on sheet cakes and cookies.

Is this a necessity? No, but you will impress your friends and family with your upgraded cake designs.

3. A Multi-Tiered Cooling Rack

How often do you only need one cooling rack for your cookies or cupcakes?

The racks are often the same size or smaller than the trays that you’re baking with. When baked goods need to have space to cool, that means that you’re going to be spreading out cooling racks all over the kitchen (or risking overcooked sweets while you wait for space to clear).

Multi-tiered cooling racks allow you to put all of your sweets in one condensed space so they can cool off without taking up all of your baking space.

4. Fun-Shaped Baking Molds

Who said that cakes have to be round or square? Wouldn’t you love some heart-shaped cakes for Valentine’s day or stars for a child’s birthday? Sure, you could use cookie cutters to stamp out shapes in a sheet cake, but then you waste a lot of cake in the process (tip: make cake pops with any cake leftovers and spare frosting).

There are shaped baking molds for every kind of cake. We love the little silicone ones that you can use for cupcake-sized shapes, but you can get ones shaped like Oreo cookies or giant cupcakes for your full-sized cakes as well.

5. A Cupcake Corer

Have you ever seen those fun cupcakes on the Food Network that have candy and cream inside? It looks complicated, and if you’ve tried you’ve probably run into some trouble.

A cupcake corer removes the problem. It lets you stamp out the center of the cupcake so you can fill it with ease. This is another great time to make cake pops with the stamped-out centers, so you don’t waste any cake.

6. An Airbrush Kit

The sheet cakes that you get at the grocery store for birthdays are never as good as you want them to be. The frosting is too sweet, the cake is too dry, and there’s no real flavor to anything beyond “sugar”.

Alas, your child wants something with their name and a fun message on it on their birthday. What to do?

Airbrush kits come in handy. They aren’t only for fancy custom t-shirts. Baking airbrush kits use food-safe color so you can “draw” anything you’d like on your cake.

If you’re new, we suggest using some kind of stencil to keep everything neat. As you get more used to the airbrush, you’ll be painting beautiful cake pictures in no time.

7. Textured Rolling Pins

You already have a rolling pin in your kitchen drawer, right?

Why not get an option that can add some flair to your pastries or cookies without all of the added stress and sweetness of frosting?

Textured rolling pins are great for subtle and sophisticated designs. You don’t need bright colors and sprinkles for every baked good, after all.

8. An Adjustable Measuring Cup

You have plenty of measuring cups already but think about some of the things that are harder to measure and remove from the cups.

Have you ever tried to measure out peanut butter, honey, or jellies in your measuring cup? Getting these sticky ingredients into the cup can be a challenge, but getting them out without leaving any behind is downright stressful.

Adjustable measuring cups have smooth tops so it’s easy to level out tricky ingredients. They also have a plunger sort of mechanism that pushes out the ingredients while also scraping the sides down. You don’t have to waste any ingredients.

What Are Your Favorite Baking Products?

We love these unique and innovative baking products that can take your tasty treats to the next level. Whether you’re looking to decorate like a pro or make your baking process easier, there’s something that you’ll love. Why not pick something up today?

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