When you hear the word Morocco, two things immediately come to mind: exotic sights and mouth-watering cuisine. But this North African country located off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean is also famous for another product–beautiful rugs.

Created by the Berber Tribe, these beautifully handwoven rugs are unique in every way. Their intricate patterns are based on the age-old customs and beliefs of the people, giving them a distinct ethnic quality.

It was in the early 20th Century when the Berber women started to innovate, and contribute to the household income, as well. They developed a different kind of rug that seemed to break from tradition. Interestingly, the rugs are fashioned from used clothing or scraps instead of wool, their material of choice.

Due to their innovative designs, these new creations gained in popularity. Initially, the rugs were made from yarn taken from old carpets. The Berber women then started experimenting with other materials such as recycled cotton, nylon, and lurex.

What makes these Vintage Boucherouite Moroccan Rugs stand out is the freestyle used by the women weavers. With the rugs’ asymmetrical patterns and vibrant colors, they radiate a positive, extravagant vibe.

From Morocco to the World

Another distinct feature of these rugs are the motifs and symbols weaved into them. These themes come in different shapes and sizes, which have come to represent the rich culture of the Moroccans.

These Vintage Boucherouite Moroccan Rugs are now becoming a standard fixture in homes, offices, and establishments across the globe. Because of their stylish look, they can be used as indoor carpets and for other aesthetic purposes that would suit your needs.

In Morocco, these rugs are placed on top of expensive rugs as covers. They are found in dining areas where people can be seated and take their meals. Moreover, these rugs are ideal for families with children, especially babies, who are still learning to walk.

These multi-purpose rugs are also popular in Morocco’s sporting world. They can be placed on a horse’s back where the equestrian can sit on. Over the years, more and more riders are using these rugs as saddle covers.

These Moroccan rugs were primarily designed for practical use. This is why these rugs do not come in very large sizes. However, they have become a part of every household because of the comfort they provide.

Moroccan Rugs – Known for Their Versatility

For instance, these rugs can be used to keep your body warm during winter. Mountain climbers can also bring these rugs during their expeditions. The rugs can provide excellent insulation when the temperature drops.

In case you’re a homeowner, and you wish to spruce up the look of your home, these Vintage Boucherouite Moroccan Rugs are what you exactly need. With their eye-catching designs, they will be a perfect fit for your home’s classy interiors.

In fact, more and more interior designers around the world are using Moroccan rugs to spruce up the look of their projects. Leaf through any of the latest interior design magazines and chances are, a Moroccan rug is laid across a classy condo unit or apartment.

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