Mistakes you shouldn't be making Mistakes you shouldn't be making

“We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are here NOW with the power to shape your day and your future.”

Remember the last time you were scolded for mistakenly getting coriander from the market instead of fenugreek? The last time you said something you weren’t supposed to say to someone?

Since childhood, we have been taught the art of perfection; perfection in anything and everything that we are expected to do. The society we live in has petrified people of errors. And it is not finished yet. You will be expected to be up-to-date irrespective of your abilities and capabilities.

We have also been taught to regret deeply and repair irrevocably; much worse: live through the guilt of having committed the mistake, our entire life. I rebel to disagree with the pedagogy to deal with our mistakes. I believe mistakes are learning experiences that gradually propel people towards a better tomorrow.

Thus, therefore, hence, here is a list of mistakes, if committed is totally okay in this era where people have become more tolerant of mistakes.

1. Not willing to fail

Live your failure to succeed

They say the weak fails and the strong survives. Lies. Live your failure to succeed. Follow ideas and pursuits that might fail. That way you will know which ones to be wary off once you are out there in the “world”, as they frame it. So, be willing to fail.

2. Follow someone else’s dream

Make sure your dreams scare you

Following the wrong dream will pinch you, kill you from inside. I personally believe that following what you not want will eventually lead you to what you want, the right road to the right place. You will be “sorted” at the end of it.

3. Fall for the wrong person

You are a bloody leader

You know about some traits every leader must have, you deep down know that this person is not going to stick around and is probably going to leave you shattered. Well, it is worth it if it teaches you to go for the right guy and not pursue just good-looks.

4. Spending a lot of money

Get back to work

They say – You know its value only when it is lost. What is one thing you cannot afford to lose in today’s times and yet use it wastefully? Yeah. I am talking money. Lose money at a crucial point of time and learn from the ruckus of the incident. Indulge and splurge at your heart’s content. The bills might come as a shocker but you will end up living to your desire, for a day.

5. Working for the jerk

Be the boss you wanted for youself

Bad bosses are great filters to show you the kind of environment wherein you don’t want to work and the way we do not want to treat people. It also shows patience to deal with people for whom you have zero tolerance.

6. Assume you are always correct

You have to be right

This is what I personally call, living in a bubble. Usually, most of us want to appear correct in front of people, especially the ones we are intimidated by. But, there is a breaking moment where you find out that you were no more than a douche living in a bubble.

Now, why is this good mistake to commit? Because once you know you are not a know-it-all, you approach certain situations differently knowing that your next step might not be correct but it will be a learning experience.

These are not the only mistakes which as I said, propel us towards a better tomorrow. There are many others which we commit (and are totally acceptable). So, bring it up, make mistakes, make amends but don’t regret. The biggest failure, even the worst most intractable mistake beats the hell out of never trying.

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