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Did you know that one year of college in the United States will cost you about $20,000 on average? That means that, if you’re a college student, odds are you’re living on a tight budget to help pay for school.

That’s why you need to know how to make money while in college, so you can have some extra spending cash for when you need it. After all, things like food and fun aren’t free, and you’re only going to be in college once, so you want to take advantage of the opportunity.

In this article, we’ll tell you 3 things that you can do to earn a quick buck. We’ll also help you decide which choice is right for you, so you can start making money that much faster.

1. Sell Your Stuff Online

One of the easiest ways to earn money while in college is to sell your stuff online. As a college student, getting cash for your books is a no-brainer.

But if you have other things lying around that you no longer want, like pieces of tech or clothing, you can make money by selling those online, too.

In fact, if you start buying things with the intention of reselling them on sites like eBay, you can turn this side hustle into a pretty steady revenue stream. It does take a good bit of work and planning to pull this off, but if you don’t mind putting in the hours, it’s worth considering.

2. Tutor Students on Campus

Are you doing well in school? Are there one or two subjects that you thrive in more than others? If so, you should consider becoming a tutor for other students on campus.

By working through your school, you can get a few extra bucks for tutoring your peers. It can also get you some experience as a teacher, which could be something you’re interested in, especially if you want to be a teacher after college.

3. Become a Part-Time Driver

If you’re a college student in 2021, odds are you know at least one person who is driving on the side to make a few bucks. Thanks to companies like Uber and Lyft, and other food-based delivery options, it’s easier to start driving now more than ever before.

So, if you have a car, and want a job that is flexible, consider going the driver route. You can work as much as you want, and whenever you want, which means making money is relatively easy.

Still Not Sure How to Make Money While in College?

Knowing how to make money while in college isn’t that complicated. Thanks to the internet, there are more side hustles available to you now that are waiting to be taken advantage of.

With that in mind, the 3 gigs that we’ve mentioned on this list are your best options. Pick one of these and go forward so you can have some money in your wallet.

Looking for more ideas on how to make a quick buck? Check back with our blog often.

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