Imagine being on a plane that’s flying to the USA. You are happy and excited. You will finally get to pursue your studies in top universities in the US, plus you can finally see and take that Statue of Liberty in New York City picture.

Studying, working, and staying in the USA is a dream of many Indian students. With the USA being a popular and favored destination for many international students, it is no surprise that Indian students are second only to China with a population of 202,014 students.

Although it’s a dream of many to visit or move to the USA, many do not get the chance or give up because of the hard process. Fortunately, there are other ways to set foot in the USA legally. So, you don’t have to smuggle yourself.

In this post, I will show you three completely legal ways that will guarantee that you are on board the next flight to the USA.

1. By Getting a US Visitor/Tourist Visa

You can apply for the B-1 visa category if you are making a business visit. If tourism is the purpose of travel, the B-2 visa category is for you. But if there are other purposes or a combination of both, you will get the B-1/B-2 visa.

Whether it’s visiting your uncle, seeing the Grand Canyon, or attending that business conference, you are qualified or eligible to have a US visitor/tourist visa.

But before visiting the embassy, you must first complete the application online. Here you will fill out the DS-160 Form and provide passport size photographs. When having an interview, you must bring a copy of this completed online application. This means that you must ensure the questions are answered truthfully like your family and address information.

Once you have completed this online application, getting or scheduling an appointment for the interview is the next step. After you have got an appointment, the interview is next. But under this visa you cannot work in the USA, it’s a violation. Your nearest US embassy will help in applying for this visa, and you can check out this U.S. visitor visa website if getting to the USA interests you.

2. By Getting a Student Visa

China and India are the top two countries with a high population of students studying in the USA. Studying at the top and prestigious US universities or schools is an opportunity that many Indian students will accept. But for this to happen, a student visa is necessary and been accepted by the US University or school.

This means the school must be a part of the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). So, you can get either an F-1 or M student visa. You are a student who is studying an academic program and has gotten acceptance from a US school or university if you have an F-1 visa. You will be studying or learning a non-academic program or vocational training, for example, learning to be a firefighter or vocational nurse when you have an M visa.

After knowing which visa category you are applying for, you can start applying online by visiting the US Embassy and Consulates India website, where you will also find out more about student visa requirements. You must show proof that a US school has accepted you that you plan to return after graduation, and you have enough money to live in the country.

During this time, you can earn money as an Indian student with an F-1 visa outlined here by the Homeland Security Department.

You want to work and study in the US, but worry that you won’t have much time for doing your papers? You might wonder or ask yourself- Who will do my math assignment when I am working? But do not worry because legit services exist to calm your worries and will help to have that assignment ready. Therefore, be honest during your application process and start applying to several US schools or institutions.

3. Get a J Exchange Visa

This means that a student is part of an exchange program where he will learn and continue his studies in the USA. This means that there is a partnership between Indian schools or universities and US schools. So, an Indian student can get involved in an exchange program, which is usually short term, and experience a new culture in the USA. Students under this program can live with a host family or a place designated for them. You can find out more about these programs here at the US State Department.

4. M-1 Vocational or Non-academic visa for students

It is a student visa reserved for vocational and technical schools. Although the procedure for registering for the F1 and-1 visas is identical, the distinction being that the M1 visas are time-stamping upon arrival, so pupils can not extend their visits.

  • Specifications for the English language

To obtain your US student visa, you’ll need to have documentation of English language competency. This normally means passing a safe English language exam to certify your communication skills.

The International English Language Testing System also IELTS, with more than three million exams completed over the past year, is the world’s most standard high-stakes English language proficiency exam for education, job, and migration. More than 10,000 organizations in 140 countries around the world accept the IELTS tests, comprising public schools, businesses, formal groups, and governments.

As you can see, you can go for business or pleasure with a tourist/visitor visa, a J exchange visa will put you on that plane, and with that student visa for the USA from India, you will be among those lucky international students.

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