How will you find yourself How will you find yourself

It is rightfully said that our home is where our heart is. But, our heart itself longs for “home”. Every day, you step out of your bed thinking to find something that will make you jump out of bed the next day. Every day, you meet people but you want to meet yourself someday in reality. We all are ambitious. We all are unique in our own way. We all have something to offer to the world. But, this gift requires sacrifices!

1.  Find your passion

Every great person who once walked on this earth was a part of the crowd but desired to deviate and that made all the difference. We all have things that we love to do anytime and that’s what we call passion. We become happiest after doing it. For a painter, it’s painting. For a speaker, it’s speaking. But, it is not as simple to do it as it sounds. You will have to fight with yourself, with the world, with your people and let them believe that you can be you too. The world gets fooled by your perception when your perception becomes reality.

You need to ask yourself every day.

You need to try new things.

The most rewarding curiosity will be curious about yourself.

Staying alone finding yourself

2.  Believe in yourself

Many-a-times, you will have nobody who will understand you and your dreams. But, you are your best company. Don’t try to find yourself in others. The deadliest transformation is when you become indifferent to everything except yourself. Moreover, it is not a selfish motive because ultimately you are offering yourself to the world. So, do not take away this privilege from the world to see you.

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3.   Be kind

It is very well said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Besides strengthening our mental and physical health and increasing our longevity, kindness will improve one’s sense of purpose and offer us more value and meaning throughout our lives. Research also shows that people have more pleasure in sharing than in getting. It is important to exercise kindness as a philosophy of mental health if you want to find yourself and make your way through life and take on a caring and disposition towards ourselves and others. When people generally create goals that go beyond themselves, they are happier. These people show care and concern for others.

4. Stop criticizing yourself

Some of us tend to criticize our own selves and that’s what has become a major reason behind why we fail. Self-criticizing is a step back in the journey to find yourself. This negative thought process can be made up of a judgmental attitude that informs us that we’re not good enough to excel or that we don’t earn what we want or a nurturing mentality that tells us that we don’t have to struggle or that we need to be cared for or monitored. By recognizing and standing up to this inner enemy, we learn to find our true selves and know our strength and ability not to be parental or childish in our lives.

A philosopher says To create a “state of upliftment that makes all else possible — that creates a” go for it!” “We crave the spirit of exterminating the doubtful mind by annihilating negative thoughts.

So in order to take a step forward and find yourself stop criticizing and Start thinking positively about yourself from today!

5.  Be patient (You are going to have to get through a lot)

Wonders take more time to develop. One needs to be patient on this journey. The most important thing is to find yourself and transform yourself towards a successful life. Make sure you deserve it! You will be required to answer a lot of questions. These questions might take away some of your most valuable possessions from you. They will be painful at times. But the good thing is that what belongs to you will definitely come back to you. Don’t expect others to be a part of your journey. At the end of the day, you might be alone but not lonely. You need to be strong.

The fear of losing others in order to find yourself shouldn’t be bigger than the regret of never finding yourself.


So, arise and awake! The world awaits another shocking revelation. The world is your court. You need to get the ball.

In the end, “Explore. Create new horizons. Step out of your comfort zone…

and then, you find you!”

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  1. You are an inspiration to me and many more. And i am sure the world will be inspired and motivated by you. Your vision will be a reality soon. Keep exploring and keep writing. Loved reading. It will definitely help me in finding myself.

  2. This was informative!
    Can you write something on being a better public speaker? (That would come naturally from you!)

    1. That’s indeed a good suggestion. I hope I will be able to materialize it soon ! 🙂
      Thanks a lot ! 😀

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