You can enjoy the great outdoors this winter You can enjoy the great outdoors this winter

Are you the type that sees the winter season as a negative, leaving you trapped indoors thanks to the cold temperatures, snow, and ice? Do you find yourself counting down the days until spring when you can get outdoors again and feel the warmth of the sun? While there is no question winter weather certainly adds a whole other element to outdoor activities, the fact is that it’s not a curse and it shouldn’t have you feeling like a prisoner in your home for months on end.

Instead of giving in to the season, why not embrace it this year and look for ways to enjoy the great outdoors. We’ve got some brilliant ideas for how you can do just that.

Walking Doesn’t Have to Stop in Winter

If you’re the type who enjoys walking, just because the snow has fallen, it doesn’t mean you have to stop walking. In fact, a brisk walk in the snow can be extremely invigorating and a great workout. It’s all about changing up your gear to ensure that you can walk safely and comfortably. Dressing in layers is ideal, and you’ll want to wear boots that are lightweight enough to walk in yet provide an excellent grip on snow and ice.

You could even take walking one step further and give snowshoeing a try. This will really burn calories and you don’t need much in terms of equipment.

Outdoor Skating – a True Classic Winter Activity

It doesn’t get more classic than ice skating outdoors in winter. If you live in an area of the country where outdoor skating is a reality, this is a must-do activity. As long as you are bundled up and you’re moving around while skating, you’ll warm your body up and find it’s really quite enjoyable. You can always bring a thermos with hot chocolate or hot coffee with you as well.

If you’re new to ice skating, or it’s been forever since you laced up a pair of figure skates, it may be worth investing in a new pair to ensure quality and a perfect fit.

Birdwatching – Relaxing and Enjoyable

Maybe you’re looking for an activity that is a bit more low-key and provides more of a sense of relaxation. If that’s the case, birdwatching is a fabulous activity all year-round, including winter. You’ll find you get a different variety of birds in the winter, and their colors can really pop against the winter snow.

You can head to a local park, trail, or forested area to watch them in their natural habitat, and you can even set up a birding station in your own yard if you have outdoor space. Just be sure to pick the right kind of winter feed to attract the species in your area.

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Just Scratching the Surface

These ideas are just scratching the surface of the many activities you can do outdoors this winter, allowing you to get out of the house, enjoy some fresh air, and all the season has to offer.

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