Children are extremely vulnerable to crimes. This can possibly be attributed to their inability to defend themselves.

In 2016, children 12 to 14 years old experienced 35 of the 1,000 violent crimes. Its prevalence in this group is notably higher than the rate of violent crimes experienced by those who were older. Children aged 15 to 17 recorded a rate of 27 for every 1,000 violent crime incidents.

This scenario seemed similar to what the 1997 figures showed. Records from the University of New Hampshire revealed that the rate of violent crimes against children 12 to 17 was pegged at 92 for every 1,000. This figure is way above the adults’ rate of 32 per 1,000 violent crimes.

As among the most vulnerable groups in society, children are usually victims of exploitation, sexual abuse, trafficking, abduction, and forced labor. Thus, the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) has been proactively involved in efforts to address this concern.

With the high prevalence of criminal incidents victimizing children, it would be wise to arm your children with the right skills to defend themselves. There are several self-defense programs you may consider for them, such as martial arts.

Here are the reasons why you should finally enroll your children to one of these classes:

  • It equips them with the necessary skills. There could be instances where they can get out of a situation only if they knew to defend themselves, but they do not know how to do it. With proper training, they will be equipped to execute each move correctly. You can also give them a smart personal protection device for additional protection.
  • It builds self-confidence. By being equipped with the essential self-defense skills, your children will become more confident in their ability to protect themselves.
  • It improves physical well-being. Going to a self-defense class means that the body is building enough strength. You have to understand that without physical preparation, technical know-how on self-defense still won’t help your kids.
  • It develops sharp reflexes. When imminent danger is present, everyone needs to respond quickly. When your children are attending a self-defense program, this particular skill is developed. They are taught to have a fighter’s reflexes should they at any point in time need to fight against their perpetrators effectively.
  • It opens a deep awareness of the surroundings. When your children have the required skills in self-defense, they become more aware of their surroundings.

Self-defense is about surviving attacks, especially when no one is there to protect you. This is a vital requirement, particularly among children.

Maximizing Technology for Self-Defense among Children

Technology has been evolving all these years. Different innovations are introduced every now and then. In the field of security and safety, one major innovation is the smart personal protection device.

This small, non-lethal equipment works with the help of smart technology. It can send a danger warning without catching the perpetrator’s attention. This means that you can save yourself without alarming the perpetrator.

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