Save abused animals Save abused animals

The news of abandoned or abused animals is no longer new. Despite being a common occurrence, many are on board in saving these poor creatures and giving them a safe home. The good news is that several people feel empathy for these animals. Some groups advocate for animal rights. Some of them are kind enough to start campaigns like selling an animal hat to fund conservation efforts. Others even travel to far-flung areas to save endangered animals and their habitat. Showing kindness to these animals need not be as grand as traveling to Rwanda to help save the mountain gorillas. In your simple way, you can show kindness to these creatures. Here are some ways to step up and get involved to save abused animals.

Start (or participate) in a fundraiser

Coordinate with your local animal rescue centers and shelters. Inquire if they need assistance with their upcoming fundraiser. If you cannot personally attend the fundraiser, share the news by posting it on social media. Help send out flyers and other promotional materials for the event.

If there are no organizations or fundraisers yet in your locality, you can start one. Ask your friends or relatives to join the fundraiser to help save abused animals. Social media can be a great tool to encourage other people to join. Several groups can provide support to your fundraisers, such as animal welfare advocates and environmentalists.

Aside from that, show support to animal activist groups by purchasing their products such as the animal hat from Covered. This will help add to their funds in raising awareness and saving threatened animals.

Lend a hand at a local farm animal sanctuary

Volunteer at some centers dedicated to rehabilitating and saving abandoned and abused farm animals like turkeys, ducks, chickens, sheep, goats, pigs, cows, and horses. There are many ways to help these animal sanctuaries. You can also donate money for their general expenses or also give food, brushes, blankets, and other things they need to take care of these animals.

Adopt and bring home a pet from the shelter

Animal shelter

Some unwanted pets are sent to animal shelters or left abandoned on the streets. If you are ready to be a carer of these animals, you can adopt one from your local animal shelter. These pets were left by their previous owners to fend for themselves. By adopting one, you can save these animals from loneliness or from being euthanized.

Report animal abuse and neglect

If you witness any animal abuse, immediately report it to a humane organization, local animal control, or local law enforcement. If an animal is in danger, inform the authorities so they can prioritize your report. Do not act on your own. Wait for the authorities to take care of the animal in a professional way.

There are many ways you can stand up for animals and their rights. If you have the heart for these little creatures, it is easy to come up with ways to save and help them.

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