Your smile is more power than you give to credit for. When you smile you aren’t only exuding happiness but you are experiencing health benefits as well.

What simple activity can lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, and make you look more attractive? Smiling!

That’s right: when you smile, you get these real health benefits and many more. Learn all about the scientific studies backing these benefits and many more. Read on to learn all about 7 health benefits of smiling.

  1. When You Smile, You Relieve Stress and Lower Blood Pressure

Smiling is actually capable of lowering our stress. How? Scientific studies have demonstrated that smiling combats the increase in heart rate and blood pressure caused by stress.

So it’s not only the case that when you smile, you aren’t stressed. It’s actually the case that smiling when you’re stressed can help calm you down. Try it sometime!

  1. When You Smile, It Elevates Your Mood

Smiling actually releases neurotransmitters that boost your mood — mainly serotonin and dopamine. It’s like your own natural anti-depressant! One study found that preventing frowning by injecting botox lessened depression and anxiety.

  1. When You Smile, Your Immune System Does, Too

Smiling also boosts your immune system — but only if you mean it. Several studies have shown the immune system responds better when you have a good day. Scientists also discovered that people with more positive emotions have stronger immune responses.

  1. When You Smile, You Release Natural Painkillers

When you smile, your body releases endorphins. These are your body’s natural painkillers, and their release will make you feel good. So if you have an injury, chronic disease, or an illness of some kind, try smiling more to take away the pain.

  1. When You Smile, You Look Younger and More Attractive

That’s right: smiling doesn’t only make you feel better, but it also makes you look better! Smiling lifts up your face and diminishes your frown lines. One study by researchers at the Max Planck Institute shows that smiles make you look 3 years younger.

Smiles also make you more attractive to the general population (not only the opposite sex). And that goes for natural or implanted teeth.

If you don’t smile because you hate your teeth, consider getting all on four dental implants. You can gain confidence in your appearance and look more attractive by smiling more.

  1. When You Smile, You’re More Likable

Smiling can also improve your relationships. Scientific studies have demonstrated that people who smile are more likable. They’re also thought to be more approachable.

Smiling can help you gain new friends or help you with work. If you’re in the service industry, those smiles are going to equate to money, too. Or smiling in an interview may be what you need to get that job.

  1. When You Smile, You’re More Productive

Smiling can also help with productivity. Smiling can help you feel more positive. And being happy can boost both your productivity and those around you.
After all, smiling is infectious. If you’re happy, you’ll boost the mood of your entire workplace team.

When You Smile, We All Do!

Now you know the benefits of your infectious smile. And this is only a short list of the many benefits that occur when you smile.

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