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We live in a world in which everything has become a competition. We see magazines with airbrushed models telling us how to look prettier. Every day while passing the newsstands on our way, we are shown unrealistic images of how we should look and how we will be accepted in this society. Well if you are sick of these unrealistic pictures and tired of going to extreme measure and not getting desired results, here are a few practical tips that will change the way people look at you and most importantly change the way you look at yourself.

  • Skin care

When you meet someone for the first time the first thing that they notice is your skin. You don’t need lots and lots of makeup to look flawless. All you need to do is keep your skin hydrated. That means you should drink lots of water and also use a good moisturizer.

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What people typically think is that the products needed to make your skin healthy are too expensive, and hence they should not even try them. Well, the good news is that not all the products are costly; you can use herbal products that are free from chemicals and work wonders on your skin. For further detail check out the pure hemp oil review and get started.

  • Be confident

Confidence is something that works wonders.  In a world where body image issues are all-time high, people want to meet other people who are comfortable in their skin. With all the competition around us, people want to meet others who are genuinely happy and in love with themselves and the world around them. Hence, try to be more confident.

  • Work on your body language

While you are interacting with another person make sure that your body language does not send the wrong signal. You should make sure that what you are saying and how you are acting go hand in hand. If you are talking to someone and they keep on rolling their eyes or sit back with their arms crossed how would you feel? I am sure it will hurt you, so make sure that your actions don’t hurt the next person.

Another thing that you can do concerning body language is, try to mimic the other person’s body language, for example, lean in when they do, caress their hand or arm, hold their hand, etc. Things like this will increase your intimacy and make sure you leave a good impression.

  • Dry lips ruin your personality

While moisturizing your skin is essential, so is moisturizing your lips. Chapped lips are often a sign of dehydration. The best way to keep your lips healthy is by drinking lots of water and you need to have a chapstick in your bag at all times. However, if you want to stay away from products that may contain chemicals, you can make a lip exfoliating scrub with lemon, sugar and honey at home. Not only will it make sure your lips are moisturized, it will also lead to a pink hue that will be natural and will look great.


  • Dental hygiene

Your smile makes you ten times more attractive. That is the reason you should take care of your dental hygiene regularly. While brushing your teeth two times a day is a rule that most of us already follow, we should also try to floss daily. If you are on a date, make sure you rinse your mouth after you have eaten and always keep a breath mint, tic tac, or gum with you.


  • Dress according to your body type

With such high fashion standards and size 2 and 3 models wearing beautiful dresses, it is obvious that we wish we could be like them. If you want to be more attractive; however, you should stop following those women on magazine covers and create a sense of style for yourself.

Just because Bella Hadid looks good in a specific dress, it does not mean everyone will. You should dress according to your body type and what you feel comfortable in. For example, a friend of mine once wore heels for a date, and she hates heels; she just thought it would make her look more attractive. She ended up being so uncomfortable that her partner had to point out that she had a look that screamed misery.

  • Brush up on your table manners

When I am on a date, the thing that I notice is table manners. If the next person does not know how to talk to a waiter and eat properly without making too much noise, it will automatically make me reconsider making my decision. On the contrary, if the person is polite to the staff and eats decently, it is a good choice.

Here listed above tips can help you be more attractive. If you follow them appropriately, your life is undoubtedly going to change. However, one thing you should keep in your mind is, you should love yourself and let that reflect in your personality. Good Luck!

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