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“Friendzone” Don’t Like it Huh?

Yes! The word Friendzone is quite familiar to most of the boys. That’s where most of us belong to.. Jokes Apart, I am also a member.
So, what is a Friendzone? It’s like there is a big wall between you and your love which you can never break no matter what you try – Even try doing it with a RPG. It just won’t break because it is made by your own love, your crush and you readily accept all this. You will break but this wall won’t.

What’s the process?
You are friends with a girl, you become best friends, you both start sharing stuff which you don’t share with other friends. You feel the girl is close to you and you confess. Okay… Hope Hope Hope. And she says ‘I like you only as a friend.’


WELCOME TO FRIENDZONE – This is the place. You have free and unlimited access. It is quite different from what the whole world was just a day before you confessed.

Everything over, Everything shattered. You try to come over it, but you just cannot.
Suddenly Switzerland becomes Afghanistan. Don’t laugh on it, because this is reality.

How to escape? – Sorry, this is not Takeshi’s Castle’s Maze. You just cannot escape it. As I said before, the access is unlimited and we humans are greedy, we never leave anything offered for an unlimited span of time. We love to exploit it right?
Absolutely, even I was born on earth.

What to do? – You cannot do anything about it. Plan as much as you can but next time she smiles at you or laughs with you, you are back to zero. You just cannot help it. Just carry on!

Warning: All Boys Reading this, be careful. Just don’t fall in Love with your Best friend. Never! Your friends will stop you but I know, you just would not listen. I am a stranger. Even I am stopping you, but who cares right?

Note: Neither Trending Us nor the author tries to convey any message through this blog. This is just an attempt to bring the fun part of the youth-relationships, interpretations are not needed!

  1. Mani Singh says:

    I’m glad you’re doing something worthwhile. Kudos to you bro. Not many people do such stuff. I’m proud.

    1. Gunít Sahni says:

      Thanks Mani Bro. Keep Motivating and I will keep Delivering. Cheers 😀

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