Friendzone stereotype trending us Friendzone stereotype trending us

Friendzone! don’t you think that there is too much of this word nowadays?

So here is an alternative to the Friendzone Stereotypes


Guys: Damn! why are we always in the friendzone. Girls are cruel this way.

Girls: Seriously-__-

From an era long forgotten the myth that guys are the only one on planet friendzone has irked me and quite a few other girls like myself who don’t quite agree with this. Planet friendzone inhabits a lot of girls too. Our misery on this topic has never been brought to light and so today I took it on myself to tackle this particular stereotype. There are plenty of girls out there who play the role of being “just good friends” to their crushes and it hurts them just as much as friendzoned guys. Miley Cyrus, yes her, has a really great song about this titled ‘If we were a movie’ and it talks about how if we put the real life situations of a girl-bestfriend of a guy on tape and watch it we’ll realize that she is the person we root for the guy to end up with.
So yes, girl’s get a free ride to planet friendzone too and well the atmosphere on that planet it pretty much the same for both genders, gloomy, frustrated and what does that person see in him/her;  hmph I am way better.

The point being it is equally painful but guys and girls am sure you all remember seeing that cartoon Kim Possible right?
Ron made it out of the friendzone.

Even Ron Weasley was able to make his way out too.

And the most ultimate one, Ginny Weasly, that girl made it out of a sisterzone.

So don’t lose hope, perseverance does wonders and there hasn’t been anyone who has not once in their lives visited and stayed at this planet.
It’s not that bad once you get good company in there, that person your crush likes or is dating has been there too so you will get out of there and one day some one else will be looking at you just the way you are looking at your rival.

Just a fact that :- Joey Tribbiani of Friends had invented the word Friendzone in the year 1994.

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