Turkey has always been known for its diverse culture and attractive geographic regions. From the prayers of early morning to the night parties, turkey culture is considered the rollercoaster. Turkey country is even known for the archaeological structures and historical places that highlight world heritage places. When planning your tour to Turkey, you will surely have a long collection of things.

For ease in shortlisting the exciting activities during your turkey tour, we have shared the following top activities you should try while going on the Turkey tour.

  1. Turkish history of the 6th century at Hagia Sophia mosque

  2. Hagia Sophia mosque was built in the 6th century and is one of the top iconic structures in the world. It is commonly known as the Megale Ekklesia, which witnessed many historical events. You definitely feel fascinated to know that the mosque structure of the Hagia Sophia church was later converted into the form of a pagan temple. If you love to join historical events,  then your visit to Hagia Sophia church will be might interesting for you.

  3. Air balloon Cappadocia

  4. When you are going on a trip to turkey, then you have to spend time and must try the hot air balloon Cappadocia Turkey. With a flight duration of 1 to 2 hours, the adventure permits you to capture the marvelous views of Cappadocia from the ballooning experience. The amazing views would easily be caught while doing the hot air balloon Cappadocia Turkey in the clouds. It is suggested to visit the Cappadocia around sunset or sunrise to get the best views.

  5. Witnessing the Ephesus ruins

  6. Ephesus ruins are the other best place you should visit on your Turkey trip. Dating back to more than 2000 years, the Ephesus ruin is located in between the lush green vegetating hills that cover the shores to be touched by the Aegean sea. Showcase the presence of Romans and Greeks.

    You may think that the Ephesus ruins are only for exhibitions, then you are wrong. You can stick to these ruins to enjoy the photographs at that moment.

  7. Goreme National park: Explore Limestone formulations

  8. Goreme National park is located in the volcanic zone and is considered a popular tourist attraction on the planet, primarily due to the lime structures that it possesses. There is a maze of curved tunnels naturally from the rock limestone that is present in the area and is believed to be inhabited by ancient humans. Goreme national parks depict the limestone formulations and showcase the good combination of nature and human life.

  9. Traveling time in troy time

  10. The historical city of troy is one of the best places in turkey that local tourists and locals visit. The ruins of this city are nearly 5000 years old that depict the presence of the great ancient rulers. Troy time also depicts alexander the Julius, who performs the invasion of this city by taking the help of the king Aeneas.

    It was demolished and built around nine-time; these city ruins speak of the historical massacre during the Trojan war. You can learn many interesting facts on your troy trip.

  11. Kapali Carsisi: Collect all artifacts

  12. You can also call it the Grand Bazaar. It is considered like the roofed marketplace that you will love to visit on your tour. With the loud streets, peddlers and choices of the products such as clothing items, jewelry, Turkish silk, leather jackets, historical artifacts, ancient artifacts, porcelain, and shopping at the Kapali Carsisi are to shop the Holic chase.

  13. Learn about the history of the Ankara castle

  14. Located in the Ankara district of the country, this castle overlooks Altindag city. The vicinity of the Ankara castle is considered an ancient place that has been proved for the victories and invasions by the Turks, Romans, Ottomans, and Byzantines throughout the past.

    This castle has been transferred into museums that showcase the different artifacts related to music and art.

  15. Aquarium in turkey

  16. Aqua vega aquarium in turkey is represented as one of the highest tunnel aquariums in Europe and Turkey. The whole aquarium place has been split into eight parts, in which every part depicts a different class of marine animals.

    Some of the animals explore here consists of alligators, sea turtles, sharks, and crocodiles, among the other freshwater and seawater animals.

  17. Try a ferry ride and sightseeing at Bosphorous.

  18. If you try the Ferry ride at Bosphorous, then you will permit to take the sneak into the katas, Asian eminonu, and Besiktas routes towards the soil of Turkey. It is known as the natural strait falling under the route of the international waterways. You can also be called it the narrowest spot that separates Europe and Asia in Turkey. If you try the ferry ride, you may find evidence of the conversion of architecture and planning of the places between Asia and Europe.

    You can also enjoy the tasty drinks and delicious foods and have a memorable experience during your trip.

  19. Hippodrome of Constantinople: Know the history

It has been determined that the hippodrome of Constantinople was developed by the sports arena, Byzantines, where functions and events, like chariot racing, were scheduled. Later, when the Ottoman rule was implemented, this place was used for circuit playing, commonly known as the historical Turkish games.

This place is most of the Egyptian structures that exist in good condition now. It is supposed that there were many obelisks set up during the historical times. Along with this, you also visit the other amazing places within the hippodrome, such as the german fountain, walled obelisk, and the serpent column.


From the tourist reports, it is suggested that April to august time is the perfect time to visit Turkey. At that time, you feel pleasant to travel in this country, when the temperatures are warm. So, all the above things are recommended to you to do when you plan your tour to Turkey.

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