How to choose the size of the bedding How to choose the size of the bedding

A night of good refreshing sleep is essential for everyone’s health. And it largely depends on the quality of the bedding. And first of all, this quality is determined by its size. Bed linen size is an important parameter when choosing a bedding set. If you determine the size once, you can easily select bed linen sets without spending much time or effort.

To correctly choose the linen, two things are required:

  1. Determine the required size;
  2. Select the appropriate bedding set in a land-based shop or online bedding store (for example, Linens & Hutch).

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Simple Steps that Help You Choose a Perfect Bedding Size

To choose the suitable size of the bedding, remember the following parameters: mattress height, the size of the blanket and the pillow.

The size of the blanket is an important factor in deciding on the size of the linen. If you already have a blanket, then the new bedding set size should correspond to it. Check the label of your blanket for dimensions or measure the blanket with a measuring tape. The size of the duvet cover should be 5-7 cm wider and longer than the blanket itself.

Do not forget to measure your mattress when you choose the bedsheets. The bedsheet should be bigger than the mattress by about 50 cm in width and 50 cm in length. If you have a high mattress, measure its height and add that height to the width and length of the sheet. For example, Linens & Hutch bed sheets come in different sizes (Twin, Full, Queen, California King, etc.) to provide you with the perfect fit.

Measure your pillow and get your pillowcase size. There are two main pillowcases options: rectangular and square. If the pillows are square, they can match pillowcases of the same length and width. If your pillows are rectangular, choose pillowcases of the appropriate shape and size.

If you are planning to buy new bedding, you may come across several widths and lengths for the same set size. Rely not only on the names of the sets but also on the size of the bed, duvet, pillows, and mattress.

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