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5 Different Dog Breeds and Their Price Ranges

When you’re trying to decide what dog breed to buy, having so many options can be confusing. Especially when considering steep dog prices.

You want to invest in an ethically bred dog from a well-reputed breed, but don’t want to pay blindly. Breed and breeding methods both affect a dog’s price, but certain breeds have a much steeper premium than others. Beyond pedigree quality and breeder reputation, what exactly contributes to a specific breed’s value?

Experts recommend conducting thorough research to give your furry companion a happy and comfortable life. Breeding secures lifestyle compatibility since every breed has qualities suited for certain homes. Depending on those qualities, a breed’s pricing can vary greatly.

To aid your search, we’ve listed five big dog breeds, their distinct nature, and how can either raise or lower pricing. Read on to learn about these fantastic dogs and why they’re so desirable.

Perro de Presa Canario

Price range: $1,200 – $3,000

This resolute and reliable breed is native to the Canary Islands. The Perro de Presa Canario was traditionally used to guard farms, herd cattle, and fend off wild or stray dogs. They’re prized for their luxurious and striped coat, as well as their well-proportioned and muscular build. With their signature low and loud bark, these dogs function efficiently as guard dogs.

These canines are highly intelligent, vigilant, and fearless. They are also markedly self-confident and hyperaware. Despite their intimidating air, they are endlessly loyal to their master and docile to their own family.

About the price:

You might consider the price of a Perro de Presa Canario puppy as more expensive compared to other breeds. But they’re ranked as one of the best large dog breeds, particularly for their guard dog qualities. They are part of the Molosser family, an esteemed breeding family that guarantees powerful guard dogs.


Price range: $500 – $2500

The Goldendoodle is a “designer breed”, and was specifically bred from two purebred parents – the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. They may not be purebred but are just as coveted as purebreds. These dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have a gorgeous, unsheddable coat that is highly valued.

But they’re not just all looks. Their temperament is ideal for a variety of owners. They’re playful and loving pets for regular families and sharp and athletic canines for both aspiring and seasoned dog trainers.

About the price:

Despite not being purebred, Goldendoodles are in high demand. You could adopt or rescue a Goldendoodle, which is significantly cheaper than buying from a breeder. Some sizes and coat types are harder to breed than others, so rarer variations like small Goldendoodles are priced at a premium.

Golden Retriever

Price range: $500-$2000

The Golden Retriever is the result of precise and masterful breeding. After fifty years, the Golden Retriever was introduced in Scotland as a highly functional dog with a glistening coat as golden as the animal’s name.

Their popularity is founded on their versatility. They’re extroverted and warmly affectionate, but also display substantial talent for many tasks. A well-rounded breed, Golden Retrievers make great family pets, guide dogs, service dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, candidates for obedience competitions, and more.

About the price:

As a well-recognized but popular breed, this dog has a wide price range. They’re common pets so they can be found in shelters and rescues. But since Golden Retrievers are optimal show/obedience dogs, some people are looking for breeders that have show-quality Golden Retriever puppies for sale.


Price range: $700-$1980

Native to Japan, Akitas were bred to be versatile hunting dogs. These powerful, enduring hunters worked in packs and successfully took down formidable game such as boar and bear. Their burly build, thick and dense coat, and independent nature give these dogs a charismatic and regal reputation.

Owning Akitas used to be a privilege only afforded to the Japanese imperial family and their court. Now, they are fantastic family pets and guardians for anyone that desires to own them. This breed is predisposed to be aloof towards strangers, but are very goofy and loving with family and friends.

About the price:

Akitas are expensive because of their relative scarcity to other breeds in the US. They’re not easy to find in adoption centers or rescues, so the cheapest Akita dog price tends to be around $700. Akita enthusiasts also place importance on the purity of an Akita’s Japanese strain, which could heavily impact pricing.

Siberian Husky

Price range: $600-$1300

The Siberian Husky was traditionally owned by the Chukchi people as both family pets and sled dogs. They are significantly nimbler than their heftily-sized cousin, the Alaskan Malamute. They pack a lot of energy in their lean frame, which is surrounded by a sleek coat thick enough to insulate them from the cold.

These huskies are not for novice dog-owners, but training them is a very fun experience for owners who are active and patient. They’re energetic, mischievous, and notoriously loud, but are also friendly and scrupulous. They also give off very little odor despite their thick coat, which is ideal for owners that are sensitive to dog odor.

About the price:

The general standard for breeding rights, pedigree quality, and show quality all apply to Siberian Huskies’ pricing variation. But Husky pricing is uniquely impacted by their coats, particularly if they have woolly coats. Woolly coats don’t fit the standards of the breed, so they are typically priced lower than other puppies in the same litter.

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Dog Prices for Premium Breeding

Needless to say, all dog breeds produce fantastic and loving dogs. But heeding a dog’s breeding not only guarantees that your dog is healthy but also ensures that its personality is compatible with you and your lifestyle.

From stouthearted guard dogs to eager-to-please canines, these breeds possess intense personalities that are suited for equally passionate people. So, before you become skeptical towards high dog prices, consider the relationship that you’re investing in.

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