It is important that you are happy and comfortable where you live. Your home should be a safe haven from the outside world, a place to recuperate. That is why it is so difficult when you have problems with your neighbors and why you should do what you can to resolve the situation. Perhaps they make too much noise, or there are people always hanging about your street, whatever it is, it is time to address it.

You can also check to see if there is a warrant against your neighbor. This might be good information if you need to get the police involved. Follow this link to find out how to search about warrants.

Whatever actions you take, keep a record of everything. That way, if things escalate, you can show that you took the right steps to try and resolve the issues.

1. Talk to them

The first step when having problems with a neighbor is to talk openly with them. Give them a chance to resolve the issue. Call ahead and arrange a time to talk.

It is difficult to talk about tough topics, especially if you don’t know your neighbor very well. However, this should always be the first step before you do anything else. Don’t accuse them of anything, address what is bothering you, and suggest a way to solve it.

2. Write a letter

If that doesn’t work, you should find out the local noise regulations in your area. If they are in breach of a law, then you can let them know of this.

Write a letter explaining your issue and a resolution. Also, warn them of actions you might take if things do not change. Keep a copy of your letter.

3. Speak to neighbors

If you are still having problems, then you may want to talk about them with your other neighbors. You should always talk to the individual first; that way; it will not come as a surprise to them that people are talking about them.

This will help you to feel supported and confirm your concerns. If your other neighbors visit them to speak to them as well, it may be the encouragement; they needed to make a change. It may also help you if you decide to report them.

If you have a block association, then they might be able to assist you. If you are renting, then you can also raise the issue with your landlord.

4. Call the police

If this hasn’t worked, then you may decide to make an official complaint. This may tarnish your relationship with your neighbor forever, which is why you should give them a chance to change first. The police may ask if you have tried speaking to them yourself first.

Do not call the emergency hotline; different states will have numbers if you are unsure who to talk with. For example, in Los Angeles, the number is 877, or in New York, it is 311.

5. Speak to a lawyer

As an absolute last resort, you may want to make an official report with your local law enforcement.

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