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Did you notice a recent dip in your solar sales?

The solar panel market grew during the current health crisis. However, people still have questions about switching to solar energy.

Some have apprehensions about the price. Others do not fully understand how solar panels work. Sometimes, it is the salespersons who fail to cover all areas.

Read on to learn the common marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not Listening Enough

Failing to listen to prospective clients is one of the biggest reasons solar sales dip. Consumers have lots of concerns since solar panels are a major investment. Give them a chance to raise their concerns.

Customers may have fears concerning the installation. They may worry about its impact on their roof integrity. Worse, they think the panels devalue their property.

If you fail to listen to these concerns, you will not win their trust. They lose interest in learning more about solar panels and their benefits. Avoid this damaging mistake by practicing empathy.

Talking too much can also hurt your sales. You want to highlight all the key benefits of solar panels. However, avoid overselling your product.

Drop the usual sales script and improvise. Make your presentation more human and allow your prospective customers to challenge your product. Answer their questions with honesty and transparency.

Be ready to customize the installation to meet client requirements. You may also read reputable resources to learn solar sales tips and generate solar leads.

Leveraging on Price Instead of Value

Focusing on the price instead of value will backfire on your sales. Even when you find more customers when offering lower-priced products, your approach will is not sustainable. Some people will think your products aren’t durable because of the cheaper price tag.

Around 70% of solar customers are willing to pay more for products yielding long-term savings. Focus on selling products because of their quality, performance, and durability. Keep your prices competitive, but not at the expense of quality.

Failing to Assist Promptly

Failing to give prompt attention to customers can hurt your business in a competitive market. Some solar panel agents take calls from potential customers for granted. Instead of responding promptly, they wait before the end of the day to respond.

Drop this bad habit and start becoming more attentive and responsive. Follow up on inquiring customers to increase your solar leads. Invest in a customer relationship management (CRM) program to track your follow-ups.

Rushing Customers to Boost Solar Sales

Rushing your customers to make a decision can lead to a botched transaction. Investing in solar panels involves serious money and extensive property preparation. Customers are appreciative when you give them enough time to decide.

A good rule is to wait for a day or so. Give them enough information highlighting the benefits of going solar.

Become a Better Communicator

Avoiding these solar sales mistakes allows you to convert more solar leads to sales. You can build stronger relationships with your clients and establish a solid reputation.

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