Cheap countries to visit Cheap countries to visit

We always dream about travelling the world but the one thing that stops a lot of us to do that is that it’s not that simple. Travelling is time-consuming and it’s not cheap but we all want to look our best on our gram. Everyone has their dream destination as some die for those sunny beaches some crave for those soothing mountains but they’re not affordable for all. Some cheap places you can visit in this era from India are as follows:

1. Nepal


Nepal is a very unique and adventurous place, it has one of the tallest mountains in the world filled with snow or greenery it is definitely peaceful also it is the birthplace of Buddha. It is located between two very populated countries which are India and China. The things that you can do in Nepal is trekking or climbing and exploring biodiversity. A trip to Nepal can cost you $600 to $1300, so its an affordable price for such beauty is a steal.

2. Philippines – Budget-Friendly or Expensive?


The Philippines is one of the best countries in Southeast Asia as it is very safe and way more beautiful than it may seem in those pictures. It has thousands of islands which provide lavish resorts, various cuisine, beautiful beaches, amazing waterfalls, welcoming locality and so much more… it is a perfect destination for beach lovers.it is one of the cheapest places in the world to travel.

3. Bhutan from India


Bhutan is located in the Himalayas it has mountains all around it. People in Bhutan have great cultural values and enjoy their life with simplicity. It has a range of mountains in the north and lush and dark jungles in the south, overall it has great scenery for people to meditate or just have a peaceful time with themselves or friends and family. You can have an adventurous experience while camping or living in the countryside farmhouses. Bhutan provides you a perfect holiday experience at a very affordable price.

4. Turkey – is it worth travelling?


As travelling can reduce stress, Turkey is one of the most famous tourist spots. it has diverse food options, safer areas, affordable and cheap pricing, also it has a great market for shopping some cultural and modern both types of clothing style. Sometimes you might come across difficulty in communicating as they mostly speak Turkish but you can manage most of the time with just English. In Turkey, the summers are very hot and the winters are too cold although the best time to visit is summertime to enjoy that heat. All these qualities provided at this place making it a very good destination at an affordable price as well.

5. Columbia


Columbia is a South American country, which is incredibly diverse and it is quite big so you can’t cover everything in one go, it is generally safe to visit. It is famous for the coffee region, tayrona national park, the Rosario Islands and the colorful towns of Antioquia. Columbia has high mountain peaks, lush jungles, great food places, and an amazing night life experience. It has a very fun destination vibe, at a cheap value to be paid. Even though being cheap on the wallet this country will be a treat for people to visit.

6. Georgia


Georgia is a very famous tourist destination but it is also oddly famous for its cemetery which is very beautiful and quite historic so Bonaventure cemetery is a must-visit. Peaches are widely available in this country and they are very delicious this place has plenty of attractions for kids, it has a lot of fast food places, and beaches in Georgia are beautiful. In Georgia, summers are very hot and hardly have any winter times.

7. Indonesia – Bali being the most affordable and popular


Indonesia is an outstanding country, has heritage natural beauty. It does not fail to satisfy its tourists with such an incredible package of great food, safe accommodation options, weather, culture, travel guides, amazing beaches. It has some very popular cities such as Bali and Jakarta. Indonesia is surely a very cheap place to visit especially if you are from India as it will definitely loved by people of India. It is prone to several natural calamities.

8. Argentina


Argentina is a South American country and is a very fascinating place. It has a huge landmass that has a lot of history to it and is culturally diverse. Argentines really love their meat and have a great taste and urge for beer. You might experience some wild nightlife with crazy wine hangovers. Everything in this country starts late and ends late, argentines like to take their time they start their day by 9am and have dinner around 10pm and then for sure drinks at 12am, overall Argentina gives you a perfect getaway vacation.

9. Myanmar


Myanmar is a country which has over 100 ethnic tribes, people give a lot of value to their culture. It is filled with a lot of religious places which are attracting tourists in large numbers lately. People should keep some things in mind before visiting this place which are to respect all their religious beliefs and culture, remove their footwear before entering temples and pagodas, wear appropriate clothes, not point towards Buddha with their foot it shows a sense of respect. So, you should pack your flip flops some great ethnic wear also the best time to visit Myanmar is November to February which is winter, it is perfect for a spiritual experience away from this complicated world.

10. Armenia


Armenia is not very popular in terms of your go-to holiday destination but it really has a lot to offer, it is said that it was one of the first countries to adopt Christianity so it surely has some very beautiful ancient churches to visit such as Geghard monastery and Tatev monastery. You should definitely try their local food which includes Morash i.e. shredded chicken mixed with green peas and Kyufta i.e. handmade sausage beef with mushrooms.

This country teaches you the simple life which we miss sometimes while becoming the perfectionist.

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This article included the top 10 cheap countries to visit, you can comment and let us know about any other countries which provide affordable traveling for people to enjoy. I hope this changed your opinion about this unpopular destination.

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