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Around 72% of Americans report watching at least one horror movie every six months, which shows we love a good scare.

Unlike other genres, there’s a certain etiquette to follow, from choosing the right sub-genre and setting the mood. Luckily, once you’re familiar with the tips, then you can have the ultimate watching experience. Perhaps you’re planning to watch a horror movie, but you’re not sure how to do it properly.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to watch a horror movie.

Mentally Prepare Yourself

Whether you’re browsing funny horror comedies or jumpscare movies, it’s important to mentally prepare yourself.

If you’re nervous, read the synopsis so you’re prepared for what’s coming, which is crucial if you hate gore. You should also remind yourself that the movie is fictional, so you don’t emotionally react through difficult scenes.

Invite Friends Over

The most important piece of horror movie advice is not watching it alone. Make sure you have at least one buddy with you, as it creates a lighter atmosphere. You can even host a horror movies night so you feel more comfortable.

But if you must watch it alone, then do so when others are at home. It’s also wise to watch it during the day so your mind doesn’t play tricks.

Create the Right Environment

One of the most exciting parts of watching horror movies is creating the right environment. Anyone who feels nervous during spooky flicks should avoid watching them in the theater where the experience is more immersive. Instead, watch the movie at home as it lets you pause, fast forward, or skip gruesome scenes.

You should also keep pillows or stuffed animals around so you or your friends can hold onto them during scary scenes. And you mustn’t forget to supply a steady stream of snacks to keep everyone entertained. For instance, crunchy food like chips is great for calming your nerves because they distract you from what’s happening on the screen.

Handle Frightening Scenes Properly

If you’re desperate for horror movie tips, then it’s important to know how to handle the scarier scenes. A great technique is to mentally make fun of the movie as humor reminds you that it’s not real. But avoid being too loud, otherwise, you could ruin the fun for others.

And this horror movie guide isn’t complete without mentioning this useful technique: removing visual or auditory triggers. This could be muting the scene if it’s too intense or closing your eyes if something terrifying is about to happen.

Watch a Horror Movie Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know how to watch a horror movie.

Make sure you mentally prepare yourself, create the right environment, and know how to deal with terrifying scenes. You should also invite friends over and avoid watching flicks in the theater if it feels too intense. Happy watching!

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