Pinterest predicts 2022’s biggest trends Pinterest predicts 2022’s biggest trends

Thanks to its super-appealing visual board-style curation, Pinterest has become a credible and exciting source of fashion inspiration. Even more exciting, Pinterest has released its fashion predictions for 2023, and we love it. Eighty percent of the predictions the image-driven social media company predicted last year came true.

The so-called Pinterest Predicts 2023 report boasts a lot of attractive trends and juicy pieces of advice that every trendsetter or fashion-forward person should be excited about in the coming days, weeks, or months. We’ve already seen some big-name influencers and celebs like Rihanna and baby daddy ASAP Rocky rock some of these fashion trends, and we can’t wait to use these inspirations to pull off our killer outfits.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the best fashion styles touted in this year’s Pinterest Predicts report. From summery checkerboard prints to buttery-soft women’s shorts for the ultimate in dopamine dressing, be sure to add these gems to the cart today, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

1. Pearls Everywhere

Frankly, pearls have never been out of style. Their popularity as a fashion choice comes and goes. Pearls are timeless gems that will stick around forever, no matter the current fashion trends. Pinterest says pearls will be the highlight of jewelry fashion this year.

However, there’s an art to wearing and styling pearls to bring out their best for any occasion. 2023 is all about the unpredictable pearl, particularly when it comes to placement, color, design, and shape. Think mismatched pearl earrings, ornate pearl necklaces, and clothing pieces embellished with delightfully-shaped pearls. That unexpected appeal will take your pearl-wearing experience to a whole other level.

Pearl necklaces are also gaining more traction in the world of men’s fashion. You’ve probably seen celebrities like Shawn Mendes, A$AP Rocky, Harry Styles, and Jay Z wearing these pearly classics. If you want to up the bling factor of your pearls, be sure to mix and match them with other styles of jewelry, including cheap and luxurious ones.

For instance, you can pair a pearl necklace with a black trench coat and gold earrings to create a neck-turning off-duty look that you can pull off in next to no time. Throw on your classiest dress, a black leather waist belt, dark sunglasses, and a pair of black leather pumps to spice up the ensemble. A black leather tote bag is the final touch to this classy get-up.

If you’re the kind of person that leans toward bright colors, you can wear a pearl necklace and a red jumpsuit. The pair is a safe bet when you want to pull off a chic look in a snap. Introduce a pair of gold or black leather heeled sandals to add more extravagance to your ensemble. You can’t mess up an outfit with a pearl necklace, no matter the occasion or dress code.

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2. Bold, Comfortable Women’s Shorts for Dopamine Dressing

Dopamine dressing, wearing brightly colored clothes, is hot right now, largely thanks to the casual and comfortable fashion that people embraced during the pandemic-filled months. Now more than ever, people are choosing to use fashion for feel-good purposes and as an exciting and statement-making tool for expressing their moods, feelings, and emotions.

That’s why it’s no big shock that people are opting for bold, comfortable women’s shorts in bright patterns, bold prints, and expressive colors. We’ve been through a lot the past two years, and we could all use a pick-me-up in the form of buttery-soft biker shorts with fun prints like zebra, leopard, or even mink.

Borrowing a leaf from Sanctuary Clothing’s advice, you can pair these beauties with colorful items, such as a hot pink tank top, red pumps, a green-yellow coat, or anything that truly appeals to your sense of comfort fashion. If your rainbow-like outfit, including an amazing pair of women’s shorts, puts a smile on your face, then go for it.

3. The Era of Lounge Lingerie (aka Lounge-erie) is Here

If there’s one clothing style that everyone has come to appreciate in the last few years, it’s loungewear. After working from home for months, our love for leggings, sweatpants, PJs, and other loungewear pieces is still burning hot as we plunge into the year. But don’t expect to see the same cashmere matching sets and tie-dye sweats from last year.

4. Goth Aesthetic

Gothic fashion is in, and Pinterest noted that goth aesthetic styles like dark punk t-shirts are going to serenade your Instagram feed this year. However, you should expect them to have a more fashion-forward twist. Paired with dark lipstick, exotic hairdos, and dyed black hair, these pieces are going to take gothic fashion to a whole new level.

Wearers, mostly young Gen-Xers, and some millennials are not looking to bring the whole gothic fashion to the fore. Instead, they’re looking for fun, exciting ways to make gothic fashion trends feel classier and more mainstream. goth PJs, goth baby clothes, and goth smart casual are some of the most sought-after fashion microtrends right now. So, be prepared to line your wardrobe with all the black items you can find.

5. Checkerboard Patterns

If your love for checkerboard shirts and sneakers runs deep, you’ll be glad to know that the pattern is going to be all the rage in 2023, largely thanks to boomers and millennials. According to Pinterest, you should expect to see checkerboard prints on everything and anything, from handbags and women’s shorts to denim and knitwear, in a rainbow of colors.

And clothing pieces with checkerboard patterns are easy and lovely to style and wear. For example, you can wear black leather skinny jeans with a checkerboard shirt for an elegant look. Amp up the cool factor of your outfit by introducing gold leather oxford shoes.

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GiveGiven that 80 percent of Pinterest’s fashion predictions came true last year, we expect these trends to be all over the streets and social media feeds this year. After all, dopamine dressing is the theme of 2023!

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