What is Keto Diet?

One of the specialties of the company are the Keto meals available. Keto is an abbreviation of Ketogenic, which is a form of a diet plan that is high in fat and low in carbohydrates. Due to its numerous benefits such as aiding in weight loss, reducing acne and improving brain function; it has become quite popular these days among people trying to stay healthy.

Keto diet aims to introduce a high amount of protein with little to no carbohydrates in the diet.  Thanks to Sarefood, the meals do not need to be bland and flavor-less as one would expect in a fat-burning diet.

How to Pick Foods from the Menu

On the website, clients can choose from the main courses, appetizers, kids’ meals, soups, and salads sections. Along with having a colorful photograph of the meal, there’s also a list of the various ingredients, the number of calories, serving size, the culinary influence (from American to Chinese), and any allergens that might be food in the food. A list of special instructions from the chef aimed at improving the meal experience for the customers is also available. It is an intricate and detailed orientation, that creates a user-friendly website which never fails to impress.

When a customer decides to place a Keto delivery order, all they need to do is log on to their website and select a chef of their choice. Next, they select the meals which can include a main course such as Orange glaze Cornish Hen (Keto) with beef and chicken bone broth mixed (Keto) and adding it to the cart with the specific servings required. The cost of the order is inclusive of taxes, delivery fee and the chef’s tip (if one chooses to tip). Once the customer has confirmed the items in the cart and the price, they can check out (as long as the minimum order limit of 30 dollars has been reached).

The checkout process involves three easy steps to complete the Keto delivery order:

  1. Provide a delivery address, with a description of the type of address, for example, a house, apartment, business or hotel. Next is to add the city, state and zip code.
  2. Input the customer’s personal information. This includes their full names, email address, their preferred delivery date, delivery time and any suggestions that they might have.
  3. Input the payment information such as the credit/debit card number, the expiry month, year and card CVV number.

Once the above steps have been completed the client can proceed to pay and wait for their Keto meal to arrive as ordered.

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