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According to one study, most private jet owners have a net worth of around $1.66 billion.

If you’ve looked at your budget and realized you have enough for a private jet, you might wonder if it’s even worth buying one.

Thankfully, there are many benefits of purchasing and traveling on the best private planes!

1. Saves You Time

One of the best benefits of having your own private jet is that it will save you the hassle and time of flying on a commercial plane. You’ll be able to skip having to check your bag, waiting in security lines, waiting to board the plane, and then collecting all your luggage.

But waiting for your private jet probably won’t take more than five minutes. You can also choose when you want to fly and don’t have to make your schedule around the commercial airlines.

2. More Accurate Destinations

By flying on one of the top private jets, you’ll be able to have access to other, smaller destinations that a commercial airline might not be able to fly to.

This gives you the freedom to get closer to your destination, saving money on other transportation to get from the airport to another spot.

There are a lot of smaller airports around the world that your private jet could fly into, giving you access to all kinds of new places and more exotic islands.

3. In-Flight Meals

With your own private jet, you’ll be able to have access to your own meals on your plane.

The crew will make sure that you have a personalized menu and that all the food is delicious and to your satisfaction. In fact, there are some celebrities who hire Michelin-starred chefs to cater for their private jet.

To learn more about in-flight meals, you can read on here.

4. Healthier

Flying in a private jet is also somewhat healthier than traveling by commercial airline.

By flying on your own plane, you won’t be surrounded by all the other people who might be sick and pass some diseases to you. While you won’t have to fly with them, you won’t have to deal with waiting near any of them at the airport.

5. More Comfort and Luxury

Lastly, you’ll obviously enjoy more comfort and luxury in your own private plane.

You won’t have to deal with sitting in the middle seat and sharing your armrests with two strangers. Instead, you’ll have your own bathroom, luxurious and comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and as many free movies as you want.

Discover More of the Benefits of Traveling on the Best Private Planes

These are only a few of the benefits of traveling on the best private planes, but there are many more benefits you’ll be able to enjoy!

We know that it can be difficult trying to make a big decision like purchasing a private jet, but we’re here to help you out.

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