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We all have heard various speeches by various people. Mostly of politicians, celebrities, professional speakers! We have also heard inaugural speeches, motivational speeches, formal speeches, orientation speeches many more…..! We are impressed by good speeches, right? Have u ever imagine that if your turn comes how will you make your speech good? What you can add in it so that speech can be more effective? How to deliver it? Which things should be there? Many of us finds it very tough job. Actually, it is not. One can easily deliver a good speech and may be the best if one takes care of some things.

Speeches can be to instruct, to inspire, to convince, to entertain, to activate, to inform and many more.
If you tell the truth you do not have to remember anything…- MARK TWAIN

Here are some

Tips to become an Eloquent Speaker

to help make your speech an ideal one:

1. Firstly, plan well for your speech, to plan your speech well, Ask for 5 W(s) and 1 H:

These six questions related to speech will be the best to plan your speech well.

2. Prepare and practice enough before delivering it in initial phase.
3. Deliver it in expressive voice
4. Appropriate Sense of humor to some extent in speech will be good one.
5. Speech should be simple, sensible and informative.
6. Have some facial expression while delivering it.
7. Take care of body language ( postures and gestures)
8. Be energetic during the speech
9. Maintain the eye contact to everyone.
10. Take pauses/breaks during the speech.
11. Be well dressed.
12. Be on time
13. Avoid lying in your speech.
14. Don’t rely on random resources for data. Be confident about the data you cite.
15.  At last deliver the speech with confidence.

Well, Get ready, Keep in mind this 15 simple points and You are great to go!

  1. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all folks you actually recognize what you are talking approximately! Bookmarked.

  2. Devanshi Sanghvi says:

    Nice thoughts, I may try applying it 🙂

    1. Ujali Shah says:

      Nyc work, awesome thought

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