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Did you know there are over 22,000 coffee shops in the US alone? It’s one of the most profitable small business ventures you could hop into. Its success is why there are so many in the country.

Feeling a little hesitant about starting a coffee shop? Not sold on the idea or if it could see profitable returns?

Let us change your mind. Dive into our list below and discover seven awesome reasons to launch a new coffee shop:

1. A Coffee Shop Business Sees a High Profit

Let’s get one thing out of the gate: even a small coffee shop can see an incredible profit margin. The capital isn’t high — more on that below — and you can eke out a decent profit percentage if you successfully see enough foot traffic in your cafe.

You’ll have to spend primarily on your kitchen equipment like the espresso machine, coffee beans, labor of your employees, and basic maintenance for the shop. You might want to invest in coffee shop insurance, unique decor, and online marketing.

2. You Can Start a Coffee Shop Anywhere

You can find a coffee shop company almost everywhere. They can pop up in the downtown area or the quiet suburbs. Some people can’t find large retail areas so they turn their homes into coffee shops!

3. Starting a Coffee Shop Boosts the Local Economy

The best coffee shops don’t simply benefit their owners but the other local businesses too. For example, one cafe might buy fresh coffee from the local coffee farms and could commission pastries from local bakeries. It’s a profitable cycle for everyone.

4. Flexible Business

Almost no coffee shop is the same. Even commercial franchises like Starbucks offer something different compared to their competitors. You can always add a little twist to help make yours stand out.

5. Unleash Creativity

Speaking of a little twist, take this business as an opportunity to unleash your creativity.

If you love to paint or take photographs, for example, decorate your cafe with your art. You can even invite customers to contribute their own art and make a large gallery of everybody’s work.

6. Small Capital Required

Did you know that you don’t need a large capital to start a coffee shop? Your biggest investments will be in the espresso shop, employee labor, and rent for the location. Compared to a large restaurant, however, you’re still on a small-scale expense.

7. Opening a Coffee Shop Isn’t an Impossible Task

Opening a restaurant? You’ll need servers, a chef, a sous chef, cooks, kitchen workers, and more. You’ll need freezers for storage and a wide arrangement of utilities for food preparation.

A coffee shop isn’t that complicated. If you don’t serve food other than commissioned pastries, you can get away with only a coffee bar and a cleaning area to wash coffee mugs, plates, and eating utensils.

Open a Coffee Shop Today

What are you waiting for? Starting a coffee shop has a lot of benefits, including a potentially high profit. You can flex your creativity and you can start small.

Not sure how to market your new coffee shop or how to make it stand out?

That’s where we can help. Don’t hesitate to read more of our posts to pick up additional tips and tricks today!

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