Most amazing wildlife destinations in world Most amazing wildlife destinations in world

There are not many things in this world that are as fascinating as the diversity of life. By observing animals, you can learn so much about them and the world. Other than this, spending time with these pure, innocent creatures is a known method to relieve stress, which is a concept that is more than needed in the present-day world. Some of these creatures are more intelligent than you would expect and by observing them, you may get new worldviews. In fact, by watching them, you may recognize more than a couple of human characteristics. Still, in order to do all of this properly, you’ll have to travel the world. Here are the top five destinations that you should visit on this quest.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

One of the things that the Galapagos Islands are the most popular for is the fact that they served as the primary research spots for Charles Darwin. This means that the diversity of wildlife he encountered there was so impressive that it served as a primary inspiration for his Origin of Species, which changed the world as we know it. Now, regardless of what you think about the theory of evolution, the truth is that the diversity and uniqueness of wildlife that one can encounter here serves as the best example of the miracle of life. The marine life around the island represents the very best that the Pacific has to offer and is simply a must-visit location for any passionate explorer out there.

The Amazon basin

The Amazon basin is a place beaming with life, most of it more unique than anything you’ll encounter anywhere else. This is precisely why there are so many organized tours and specialized guides willing to offer their services on your next trip. The cruise down the river itself is a unique experience that you’ll remember for as long as you live. Moreover, it’s one of those bucket-list-worthy things that you get to brag about regardless of the company that you are in. The birds here are quite amazing as well and the sunsets are just outright sensational.

Did you know? According to some giraffe facts, the giraffe’s neck makes up almost half of its overall height!

Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand

Anyone who has ever seen The Lord of the Rings trilogy knows that New Zealand (where the trilogy was filmed) is rich with some of the most amazing landscapes there are. Those interested in admiring wildlife, however, might want to narrow down their visit to one particular location on the islands – the Hauraki Gulf. For those who are interested in whale and dolphin watching, this is a place like no other. In fact, it’s hard to find another location with a setting that’s as rich in marine life as Hauraki Gulf. The simplest way to get there is to hop on a plane to Auckland and then hire a car rental from Auckland airport. This way, you’ll get the full freedom of commute to explore the rest of this amazing region.


First of all, it’s important to mention that the island of Borneo is split between three countries – Malaysia, Indonesia and a tiny but famous Sultanate of Brunei. There is a lot of wildlife that is endemic to Borneo. Here, you can see Sunda otter civet, Borneo bay cat, rhinoceros, flying squirrels, proboscis monkey and more. Other than this, there are some amazing river cruising options that you shouldn’t miss out on and the same thing goes for frogging in the rainforest. One of the most unique experiences that every single wildlife admirer has to try out there is searching for fireflies in the night. Overall, this is definitely a notion worth exploring.


The Namibia desert is considered by numerous experts to be the single oldest desert in the world. Poetically, many call Namibia the land of sunrises and sunsets and the place itself has wildlife that’s more than impressive. Here, you can see all the iconic safari animals (zebra, giraffe, hartebeest, leopard, hyena, jackal, elephant and fox), which is an amazing opportunity on its own. Culturally, this is one of the few former German colonies there are, which may be an interesting fact for all history buffs.

In the end, it’s important that you understand that there’s also a sense of urgency around this. Namely, some of these amazing species might perish in the nearest future, which is why you need to use this unique opportunity to admire them and learn from them while there’s still time for such a thing.

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