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Over 40,000 Americans are living in Spain right now. Thanks to the rise of remote working and Spain’s non-lucrative residency visa, figuring out how to move to Spain is easier than ever.

If you are lucky enough to have options and wonder where to live in Europe, Spain is a fantastic option. It offers a stark contrast to the way of living in the US or other English-speaking countries but is not so different that every day is a struggle.

But Spain is a huge and diverse country, how are you going to decide where to move? And what are some of the good things about living in Spain that you have to look forward to?

This guide will reveal all!

1. Phenomenal Weather and Climate

Let’s start with an obvious one. Spain boasts the much-revered “Mediterranean climate.” This means that most of the country enjoys warm and dry summers and mild, rainy winters. 

You cannot expect white Christmases when you are living in Spain. But at least your summers will not be a washout!

Though there is still diversity in Spain’s climate depending on the part of the country, do you have a “the hotter, the better” approach to weather? Or do you love spring showers year-round?

If it’s the former, the Andalusian region in the south reaches highs of 95°F in the summer. But in the northern Basque Country, it is more like 70°F.

While Andalusia’s heat is dry, resulting in a desert-like landscape, Basque is often humid with rolling green hills. And there are plenty of other options between! When you are living in Spain, you get to choose the exact type of summer you want.

2. Delicious (and Healthy!) Cuisine

Spanish cuisine is often overshadowed by its Mediterranean neighbors, France and Italy. But Spain is the country that gave the world tapas (or pinchos in the north), paella, chorizo, churros, jámon, and croquetas.

Spain says you’re welcome.

Mediterranean Diet

According to many studies, the Mediterranean diet is well-regarded as one of the healthiest diets in the world. It includes lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and healthy fats like olives and nuts. Small amounts of red wine, poultry, fish, and cheese are also part of this diet.

With an abundance of produce markets in every city and town across the country, it is very easy to follow this diet no matter where you live in Spain. No wonder Spanish people are living longer and are so healthy.

Spanish Drinks

Spain is no stranger to a great cocktail or two, and every city and region has a signature drink. Here are some of the best Spanish cocktails:

  • Spain’s Sangria – red wine, lemonade, fruit, and garnishes
  • Málaga’s Tinto de Verano – red wine and lemonade
  • Agua de Valencia – local orange juice, vodka, and gin

Spain’s La Rioja region is world-renowned for its amazing red wines. And wine tends to be cheaper here than it is in the US for the same excellent quality. It often only costs €2 or €3 per glass in restaurants.

Vermouth (a fortified wine) is also popular in Spain and available across the country.

3. Slower Pace and Better Quality of Life

There are many practical reasons to move to Spain. The average cost of living per month in the US is $5,102.

In Spain? The average cost is far lower, at around €900 per month, according to 2018 research.

Not only that, but the Spanish have a less fast-paced and exhausting way of life. The day never starts before nine in the morning, and lunch is a much more important meal than breakfast.

Siestas may be uncommon in northern cities, but it is still practiced in the south. Shops shut in the afternoons, giving you time to kick back and relax during the hottest part of the day.

And you can kick back in a gorgeous, traditional-style Spanish villa because housing is so much more affordable in Spain. Companies like Right Casa Estates, Casa Mona, and Azahar Properties will help you find your dream Spanish casa.

4. Amazing Places to Visit on Your Doorstep

City break or a trip to the country? Historic castles and forts, or neverending nightlife? A cycling trip through vineyards or surfing on the edge of a beach town?

There are so many amazing things to do in Spain! And if you are living in Spain, it will be so easy to experience everything.

Head to Tarifa if you love to surf. Granada offers tourists cheap tapas and stunning Moorish architecture. Barcelona’s Gaudí influence is evident across the city, and the football stadium Camp Nou is a must-visit for soccer fans.

Spain’s Costa del Sol is where you will find most foreign tourists and ex-pats soaking up the sun and nightlife. And Spain’s capital city of Madrid is the best for dining options, museums, and entertainment.

5. Endless Cultural Experiences

One of the best things about living in Spain, or an international lifestyle in general, is immersing yourself in the local culture.

When you live in Spain, you can take Spanish language lessons, learn how to cook paella, and dance flamenco.

Spain is also a Christian country. So, around the holidays of Easter and Christmas, you can expect parades and ceremonies unique to Spain. El Camino de Santiago is a Christian pilgrimage across the width of Spain, which thousands walk along every year.

Spain’s festivals are incredible, too. La Tomatina in the Valencian city of Buñol and Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls are two high-profile local Spanish festivals. San Sebastián hosts Spain’s best film festival every September.

Check out the films by Spain’s most famous filmmaker, Pedro Almodóvar, to learn more about La Movida Madrileña and Spanish cultural customs.

Are You Ready To Start Living in Spain?

Living in Spain is an adventure. You will swap commutes, takeaway coffee, and stress for strolls along the beach, red wine, and lazy siestas.

Only you can decide if the Spanish lifestyle is the right lifestyle for you, but moving there could be the best thing you ever did.

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