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For many people, French courses in France – it’s a dream come true. France is one of the biggest countries in Europe and one of the most visited countries in the world. French is spoken in more than 43 countries around the world. So you can learn french if you like to travel a lot. Many people consider this language as the most beautiful and charming. French is also the official language of a significant number of international organizations. Even though French is one of the hardest languages, it is still one of the most studied as a foreign language. The number of people on the planet who can communicate in French is more than 200 million people.

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Have you ever wanted to visit the most romantic city on earth? Have you ever heard how gently French sounds? It is a well-known fact that learning language is easier if you live and interact with native speakers.

Lets get on with the tips to learn French while travelling:

1. Prepare yourself

If you decided that “I want to learn to speak French” – all you have to do is to start. Try to learn French basics and most commonly used phrases. Find French-speaking friends in Internet and chat or speak with them on interesting themes. Use Skype, chats, mail or anything else to stay in touch with your friends. It’s absolutely for free! To get ready for your trip and be aware of what is waiting for you get acquainted with the article about Paris on Wikipedia.

2. Use Internet

There are a lot of sites with useful information on how to speak French for beginners. Even couple of keywords and phrases you learned before your trip can make a great effect on people you interact. Take a look at a list of rules for learning foreign languages. We find this article very helpful even for kids.

3. Immerse yourself fully

No matter how do you speak French, try to talk with locals. You may try to communicate simply everywhere! Find a place where no one speaks English. Don’t be shy, simply start a conversation in different shops, markets, cafes. Try to be polite, but not too persevering. Forget about English, listen attentively, use mimic, words you have learned and try to speak simply like kids do.

Immerse yourself

4. Forget the past

Visit academic writing service and let professional writers help you with numerous difficult assignments online! Australian writings was made to help students cope with any written assignment. Focus on learning the language and have a wonderful time.

5. Make friends

While being in France try to find friends to practice your pronunciation with them. The big advantage will be if they do not know English. Try to spend with them as much time as you and they can. Speak freely about everything you like or want. Minimize yourself using English, friends will always help you understand each other. Play games, attend remarkable museums and cinemas, bars and coffee shops. Try French national cuisine, which is considered to be the most diverse and sophisticated in the world. Do not forget about French wine. You come to France to make friends, to travel and to learn the language, so do not stay at home for long.



6.  Self-development

To understand and to speak foreign language requires great efforts and time. You should learn new words every day. Watch well-known films or series in French but with English subtitles. You will hear the pronunciation and it will definitely help you in future. A lot of training centers and schools learning French were opened in France for foreigners. French courses can be found in almost every city. The result of how do you speak French when you get back home depends only on you and your desire.

7. Know the translation of everything you see

There is a method in learning foreign languages which is based on learning the translation of everything you see or interact with during the day. For example, when you walk to have a cup of coffee in some cozy cafe, you think about the things you see around you and then learn those words. It can be such basic words as road, walking, breakfast, coffee, spoon, etc. After a couple of times, you will able to name everything you see.

As one of the most romantic countries in the world, France has an incredible beauty and charm, combining style, history, and culture of public life. Having learned the language of the great poets and lovers, imbued with the spirit of romance and medieval exploits you will surely find something new about yourself.
The Times has published a city guide with a list of 10 things to do in Paris. Check it out and choose places for sightseeing just for you. Explore the world and learn new languages.

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