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According to sleephelp.org, 11% of people report not getting enough sleep every night, and 70 percent have uncomfortable sleep once a month. If this describes you, you must be pondering the question of where to buy the best bed.

But bed buying can be pretty tricky. You don’t want to drop some cash on a bed only to end up with bitter regrets and undue vexation a little while later.

This article takes a look at seven common bed purchasing errors. Read on to avoid making them.

1. Prioritizing Low-Cost Over Quality

Ordinary bed purchasing errors such as skimping quality can be one of the biggest mistakes. Many consumers might opt for the cheapest option, believing it to be the best deal, but that is not always the case.

The cheaper option may be made with lower-quality materials, have a shorter lifespan, and save you little to no money in the long run. To avoid making this bed purchasing error, turn to reputable brands.

Popular bed brands are known for their longevity, durability, and commitment to quality. Also, check the types of mattresses that best suit your needs.

Many offer levels of comfort and support at different price points. Investing in a quality mattress can prevent neck and back pain, regulate body temperature and promote a deeper, more restful sleep.

2. Ignore Measurements 

One of the common bed purchasing errors is ignoring measurements when buying a bed. This can be very disastrous to your comfort and can also be a massive waste of money.

Bed sizes vary widely, and if you don’t measure the space where you want to place your bed, you risk having a bed that simply won’t fit. To avoid this mistake, make sure you carefully measure your space.

Measure the space where it will go, and then add 4 to 6 inches to ensure that you can fit the bed and make sure it is comfortable. Please measure the width of any entryways to ensure the bed can work through them.

Then compare it with the measurements of the bed you want to purchase. It’s also essential to ensure the bedding you plan to buy will also fit the bed size.

When measuring for your new bed, don’t forget to factor in the surrounding furniture. Make sure you still have room to move and not just fit the bed.

If in doubt, opt for a larger bed, as you can always put extra pillows on top to make it cozier. Finding the appropriate size mattress for your new bed is also essential.

3. Neglect the Foundations 

Neglecting the foundations is a standard bed purchasing error that can cause comfort and durability issues. It’s essential to take the time to read up on the available types of mattresses.

Buying a new mattress and not correctly checking for a stable and supportive foundation can lead to many problems. It might cause sagging and discomfort. 

To avoid this error, make sure to inspect the foundation before buying any mattress. The foundations should not be cracked, bent, damaged or warped.

Make sure the purchases being made have the proper support systems. It’s essential to pay attention to things like coil counts, foam density, and frame construction when looking for a mattress.

4. Not Conducting Research on Material Types 

When making a significant purchase, such as a closet with murphy bed, it is important to understand the differences between the various materials available in the market. For example, memory foam mattresses are designed to keep the spine in its natural alignment.

Hybrid mattresses are known for comfort and support. Understanding the pros and cons of different materials and technologies can help you determine which mattress is best for your convenience and needs.

Research the materials available and have a thorough understanding of your personal needs. It will help you avoid making a bed purchase that is not best suited for you.

5. Failure to Perform Test Before Buying

Failure to perform a test before buying is one of the most typical bed purchasing errors. If a customer opts to try out the mattress in a store environment, it may not be indicative of the quality or comfort of the mattress in the customer’s home.

To avoid this mistake, customers should take a look at online customer reviews. Investigate the material and construction of the mattress, and even consider bringing along a toolkit to perform a test in the store.

If possible, customers should purchase mattresses with a trial period, if available, so that they can return the mattress. Just in case it does not meet their expectations.

For best results, customers should perform a test to ensure a sense of balance while lying down and check the stability of all edges and corners. Refrain from making a hasty decision and invest in a mattress with all the qualities desired by the customer.

6. Not Checking Warranties and Return Policies

It is an essential part of any bed-buying process to read the warranty and return policies before purchasing the product. This ensures that if an issue arises during ownership, the buyer will know the options available to them to address those issues.

Not doing so can cost buyers significant time and money in the long run. Many stores have mattress-specific return policies that may differ from the store’s general approach, so be aware of those. 

7. Choosing Style Over Comfort

Comfort should always be the main priority when selecting a potential bed. An uncomfortable mattress can lead to chronic sleep problems, pain, and poor health.

You may love the aesthetic of an ultra-modern futon over a cozy mattress and box springs, but the practicality of comfort should take precedence when making the purchase decision. High-end materials do not always mean higher comfort and can be more expensive than necessary. 

Common Bed Purchasing Errors That You Should Be Aware Of

Bed-buying mistakes can be expensive, time-consuming, and painful. Researching and inspecting the mattress and frame will ensure that you avoid common bed purchasing errors.

Comparing bed prices online and with different retailers, you can ensure you get the best deal. Start shopping confidently and experience the restorative effects of a good night.

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