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There were 1.4 billion international arrivals in 2018 according to the World Tourism Organization. More people than ever are enriching their lives with worldwide travel experiences.

And why wouldn’t they? There’s something downright rebellious about breaking the mold, traveling somewhere foreign and exotic. Humans prefer experiences over possessions. No wonder we splurge on memorable trips!

In 2019, the travel industry is pulling out all the stops with micro-vacations, eco-travel, and more. Do you know where your next adventure will take place?

Get the inspiration you need for your next vacation with some new travel trends.

7 Amazing Travel Trends in 2019

This year, tourists and travelers are more conscientious than ever. But they still know how to have a blast. You can also expect new technologies to make the travel process a bit less painful.

Here are the fun travel trends of 2019:

1. Hands-On Experience

There’s a growing realization that tour guides aren’t offering the most authentic experiences. Instead of sitting on a tour bus, they want opportunities to talk to locals and participate in authentic customs firsthand.

Traveling isn’t just about escapism. In an effort to broaden their worldview, most travelers are looking for experiences that are both fun and educational.

Plus, this new breed of younger tourists loves to get its hands dirty. This might mean working in a rice field or performing a cultural dance. Even when it comes to food, companies are crafting genuine menus and avoiding typical tourist trap fare.

2. Communal Living

It’s stressful to travel alone. In a foreign environment, even experienced travelers enjoy the company and comfort of a reliable friend. It’s just more fun to adventure with a companion.

The worst part of traveling alone is being alone. That’s why more venues are creating spaces designated for co-living. Basically, instead of being lonely in your hotel room, you can live in a rental home with other travelers.

The benefit is two-fold. For one, you’ll liven up your downtime with the company of familiar people. Some of your new friends might also suggest some destinations or activities you would have otherwise missed out on.

3. Conscientious Tourism

The majority of travelers are avoiding trips to destinations with political and social strife. In earlier years, tourists were happy to overlook these unsavory aspects. But that’s no longer the case.

As you might assume, these travelers fear for their own safety. But the issue runs deeper than that. Conscientious travelers do not wish to put money in the hands of questionable regions.

By paying for their services, they believe they are condoning human rights abuses and harming locals. This year, travelers are choosing safe and respectable countries for their travel destinations.

4. Eco-Travel

Politics isn’t the only concern for this year’s travelers. Most tourists are also shying away from activities that may impact the environment. Instead, they’re looking for guilt-free, carbon neutral experiences.

Hotel owners are listening. They’re responding with more sustainable accommodations and less plastic dependency. In fact, Marriott promised specific sustainability goals, such as reducing food waste by 50%.

Countless eco-friendly companies are sprouting up with environmentally-friendly tours. Don’t worry: You can still have a luxurious vacation without the waste.

Check out this guide to learn more about eco-travel opportunities.

5. Micro-Vacations

Instead of week-long endeavors, travelers are taking more trips for a shorter amount of time. This might mean they’re heading off for an extended weekend. It might seem like a hassle, but micro-vacations resolve many travel problems.

A massive and demanding itinerary is hard to keep together and can be a luxurious expense. Both in terms of money and fun, a massive vacation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Travelers enjoy the cost-savings and versatility of micro-vacations. In a traditional vacation, they’d spend all their vacation days and savings on a single outing. Shorter trips allow travelers to experience to several places for less money.

Hotels are trying to entice travelers looking for micro-vacations, so be on the lookout for special weekend deals.

6. Easier Travel Accommodations

Nothing is worse than getting through the airport. Unfortunately, there aren’t any tricks to make the experience less unpleasant. But wouldn’t you know it: Airports are upgrading and making the change to new facial recognition technology.

As a traveler, this will lead to a faster, seamless check-in process. You might not even need to present a boarding pass.

This technology is spreading to more than the airport. Hotels are also harnessing the tech in creative ways.

Say goodbye to keys and keycards. Your phone might be all you need to unlock your guest room.

7. Untraveled Locales

If you’re looking to escape the crowds, untraveled locals are the ticket. Popular hotspots like Rome and France have become overcrowded and commercialized. As more travelers become wary of these tourist traps, they’re opting for trips to less popular regions.

Norway, Madagascar, and Indonesia are becoming popular alternatives to Iceland and Australia. More travelers will also try to avoid travel congestion by taking their trip during the off-season. As a benefit, they’ll also enjoy lower prices.

Plan Your Next Vacation

Every year, the travel industry revolutionizes itself with new features and new experiences. 2019 is all about genuine and sustainable travel adventures. Even if you aren’t interested in this year’s travel trends, being informed can help you snatch up some great deals.

Do you know what you’re doing with your vacation days this year? They’re called vacation days for a reason. Skip the local beach, because it’s time to get out there and have the experience of a lifetime.

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