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Are you spending a fortune on HVAC maintenance? Maintenance is important to avoid more costly repairs and to increase the life of your equipment. 

Not doing so can impact the performance of your AC and cause damage to it. Not only does this cost you more money in repairs but it increases your energy usage as well.

Not sure what AC maintenance is and how to do it? Keep reading to find out all the common AC maintenance errors you must avoid when maintaining your unit.

1. Doing Quick Fixes

Taking shortcuts and not following the right AC maintenance routine can cause issues like improper installation. Including incorrect wiring, loose connections, clogged or blocked air paths, and other problems that can hurt your AC’s performance and efficiency.

To avoid these issues, inspect the unit at least once a year. It is to catch any possible problems before they cause further damage.

Ensure proper airflow around the unit and, if the unit has outside components, remove any debris. Make sure you use the proper tools and techniques. 

2. Skipping Regular Tune-Ups

Skipping regular tune-ups leads to the most common AC maintenance errors. It can shorten its lifespan and significantly reduce its efficiency.

To avoid costly AC maintenance errors, always schedule regular TMPS. Also, inspect the system for any signs of wear and tear.

Have professional AC maintenance and repair services inspect the system. Any concerns raised should be addressed without any further delays

3. Neglecting Filter Changes 

Neglecting filter changes can reduce the air quality of a home or building as well as hinder airflow efficiency, creating further strain on the system. To avoid this problem, ensure all filters stay clean and free from obstructions. 

It’s especially important to check AC filters on a seasonal basis. Since the seasonality of outdoor temperatures can significantly alter the conditions in which the AC system operates.

4. Lack of Proper Ventilation 

Lack of ventilation can lead to dirty air and higher air pressure. The chance of the air conditioner’s working heat exchanger becoming an inefficient heat generator.

To avoid these problems, changing out filters is a must. It is to make sure vents and ducts are clean and check for any blockages.

Regularly inspect the ventilation components of an AC system. It can help to ensure proper air circulation and can prevent a myriad of issues, such as air pollution and higher pressure build-up, from ever occurring.

5. Avoiding Early Detection Indicators 

Ignoring early signs can lead to costly repairs. To avoid this, look for the following indicators for an outdoor AC unit, such as system overheating, unusual noises coming from the unit, any cold air being generated by the unit, and bad smells.

To help prevent costly repairs, it is important to regularly clean and change the filters of the AC unit. Check for any broken parts, and regularly check the refrigerant and evaporator levels.

A Guide on How to Avoid Common AC Maintenance Errors

Proper AC maintenance is essential to ensuring your system continues to work efficiently and effectively. This guide, with a clear maintenance plan, helps establish effective cooling and a long AC life expectancy.

With proactive prevention, your chances of mistakes are greatly reduced. For more tips and advice, read our complete guide to common AC maintenance errors and how to avoid them today!

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