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When James Bond walks into the room, a few things in his attire are guaranteed to leap out at you. His suit, his shoes, but most importantly of all, his watch.

Watches are the ultimate way for a distinguished gentleman to show his class. These are premier timepieces with a history stretching back as far as 400 years ago. They make sure you know what time it is without ruining your outfit.

Question is, which kind of watch should you buy?

You have to start somewhere, and we recommend that you buy a Rolex. Keep reading as we discuss why you should purchase a Rolex. It’s time to begin your journey into the best fashion investment there is.

1. Buy a Rolex for Status

There are a lot of ways you can demonstrate your status. One of the easiest is to align yourself with established brands that have a known reputation. Rolex is world-renowned among enthusiasts and amateurs as the best overall watch brand.

Status isn’t just something you can buy with money. You have to know your social standing, know what symbols go with it, and pursue those symbols.

The Rolex is a great entry watch as much as a piece for the experienced. You can’t start off with a Patek just yet, so get Rolexes.

2. Quality and Reliability

Rolex is a relatively “young” brand on the market. Others like Blancpain and Constantin have been in the clockwork business for hundreds of years. However, this doesn’t mean Rolex isn’t one of the best watches you can purchase for everyday use.

Rolex has been at the forefront of innovation even despite having a tenure of fewer than 100 years. It pioneered new levels of magnetic resistance and diving watches that can reach incredible depths. 

To this day they patent new materials to make their watches more beautiful and durable. Your Rolex will withstand everyday wear and tear and look great doing so. The Rolex customer service will gladly fix it if it breaks.

3. Monetary and Sentimental Value

Watches, like wine and cars, get more valuable with age. Keep your Rolex in good shape, and it will work your entire life without stopping. 

But many may choose to sell off old watches to update their collection. If the day comes when your Rolex isn’t fitting your style, you can swap for another. You’re guaranteed to fetch a pretty penny if you take it to the watch market.

This makes it an excellent heirloom to pass down. Your descendants will get a luxury wristwatch that carries with it the memory of you. This increases the inherent value with value related to you and yours.

Make a Rolex Watch Part of Your Wardrobe

Wristwatches are a simple yet potent addition to any gentleman’s attire. Buy a Rolex as your first watch, and you’re guaranteed to keep it for the rest of your life. It will not only grow more valuable but serve you and your followers for decades to come.

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