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Statistics show that 11.9% of households in the US own a recreational boat. It’s also estimated that 100 million Americans go boating every year.

If you also enjoy boating, you may be interested in buying your own boat. If you do this, you should be aware of the most common boat purchasing errors.

These are mistakes that you will want to avoid when looking at the different types of boats. With a little preparation, you can pick out the best boat for your lifestyle.

Keep reading to find out what common boat purchasing errors you will want to avoid.

1. Not Budgeting

Many first-time buyers make the mistake of not creating a budget for themselves. You need to start comparing boat costs as well as looking at your finances.

You can’t only consider the cost of the boat as there are other fees you will need to pay. This includes expenses like berthing and arena fees or boating insurance.

You also have to keep in mind that you may need to have maintenance done on the boat. These expenses can add up quickly, so you need to take them all into account.

2. Lack of Research

One of these common boat purchasing errors is not researching your options. It is easy to pick the best-looking boat, but it may not fit your needs.

You need to look at the different boat sizes and the different models available. The more research you do the better your chances of finding the right fit.

You should also consider what your needs may be in the future. You may prefer a smaller boat now but need a larger option later on for your friends and family.

3. Buying New

Many first-time boat buyers buy new boats because they are more appealing. The reality is that new and used boats are both great options.

It is usually a better option to buy a used boat from a local boat dealer. This is a cheaper option and gives you the opportunity to understand what you prefer.

You can also update a used boat with different parts, like propeller shafts. This allows you to play around with it and understand more about boating.

This is the perfect option for people interested in the mechanics of how a boat works. It also takes some of the pressure off since you aren’t making such a large investment.

The Most Common Boat Purchasing Errors

If you are planning on buying a boat, you may not know where to start. There are many common boat purchasing errors that you will want to try to avoid in this process.

Acting too quickly with Little research will usually result in you picking the wrong boat. You also want to make sure you are taking all of the boating expenses into account.

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