Your Guide to Staying Ahead of Graphic Design Trends 2023

Graphic design trends come and go. The Internet and social media have accelerated the pace. So, it’s making trends come and go even faster.

This can be beneficial for you if you know how to harness this information.

You can use it to your advantage to brand your business, increase sales, and become more successful. If you’re interested in staying ahead and keeping your brand, your website, and social media attractive, read on to see the graphic design trends 2023 has to offer.


Abstract graphic design is a trend that is here to stay. It incorporates art, science, and technology. It utilizes geometric shapes and bright hues to create captivating, and modern visuals. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve in 2023, first start with the basics.

Explore basic geometric shapes and be intentional with your color palette. Layer and blend shapes and hues in a unique way for the greatest effect, and use fluidity by introducing curved lines and movement.

Let abstract lines lead the eye to larger points of focus. Incorporate some abstract elements only as design accents.

3D Graphics

3D graphics (D Graphics) is a big trend, with a focus on textures, layering, and details that catch the eye. Graphic designers should start getting comfortable with technologies that create beautiful and realistic models.

They should also work to create designs that feature a fusion of 2-D and 3D elements. This can be key to creating cutting-edge designs that stand out in the field. Designers should also use platforms like Unreal Engine to create interactive experiences.

Finally, they should stay connected with social media and networks to stay updated with the latest trends and fashions.

Bold Typography

Bold typography means focusing on big, eye-catching typefaces and large, impactful words. Experiment with different sizes, fonts, and colors to create dynamic designs with impact. Don’t be afraid of mixing typefaces to create an interesting and unique design.

Incorporate bold typography with graphics, patterns, and imagery. This can help to make sure that your designs will stand out from the crowd. Ensure that type is legible and readable with good contrast between fonts and backgrounds.

Also, learn more about current font pairings, color combinations, and the latest typography tools. Make sure you’re always one step ahead.


As the new decade moves ahead, minimalism is back in the graphic design world. This clean and simple style is defined by an open, plain aesthetic to create a modern, sophisticated look.

Start simplifying the design elements and opting for a high-contrast color palette. Rely on sans-serif typefaces for high clarity and impact. Choose symmetrical, geometric shapes, and maintain white space.

So, maintain clean and organized designs and ideas. Capitalize on negative space and take another look at basic shapes. Keep the design elements tight and clean. But, still allow subtle pops of color, pattern, and texture to elevate the minimalist aesthetic. 


Gradients are versatile, eye-catching visuals that will be a top graphic design trend in 2023. They can be used in websites, posters, mobile applications, and more. To stay ahead of the curve, focus on creating bold and aggressive gradients that create visual interest.

Incorporate bright and vibrant colors, and avoid the linear color transitions seen in older styles. Use animations and blend different shapes and directions to give gradients a modern and sophisticated look. Use opacity and shadows to add depth and texture to your creation.

Make sure you’re using the most up-to-date design software that allows you to customize and adjust gradients. Keeping up with the latest trends doesn’t have to be difficult. You only need to pay attention to news and trends.

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Graphic design trends are always evolving and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve in order to remain competitive in the design world. One of the trends likely to be around this 2023 is that of handmade illustrations. This is artwork made of lines and shapes using physical materials and real textures.

These can help to add a unique, playful, and personalized look to digital projects. They can also give a sense of motion, express emotion and personality, or create a unique narrative.

Remember, it’s important to choose appropriate graphics that complement your project’s message. You should also ensure that the illustrations are rendered in a broad manner. Digital elements will often scale down to fit a variety of screen sizes.

Finally, be mindful of copyright when using hand-drawn illustrations. Always seek permission first from the original author.

Glitch Art

Glitch art is a growing trend of the future, and a great way to stay ahead of the game. It manipulates digital images to create a distorted, unrealistic, and futuristic look.

This often blends futuristic design elements with traditional techniques. As it’s a somewhat easy art form to create, glitch art now sees more creative experimentation from designers everywhere.

Organic Shape

Organic shapes are a powerful graphic design trend that can be seen in popular design and illustration applications. These shapes are used to add texture and interest to motion graphics, illustrations, logos, user interfaces, and more.

So, this makes mastering organic shape design essential. Build an appreciation for abstract composition. Create loose interpretations of shapes, and experiment with form and color. Consider how a design’s message or narrative can be reinforced by certain shapes.

And, practice distilling complex shapes down to their essential elements. Experiment with compound shapes and introduce texture by layering shapes on top of one another. Organic shapes are free-flowing and imperfect. They can be used in logos, illustrations, website design, and social media posts.


Sustainability is a growing trend in all industries, including graphic design. In 2023, designers are finding ways to incorporate sustainability into their designs. This includes using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and promoting environmental awareness.

Hire a graphic designer knowledgeable about sustainability. They can help create designs that align with your values and message.

Stand Out With Graphic Design Trends 2023 Offers

By following these guidelines, you can stay ahead of the ever-evolving graphic design trends 2023 offers. Keep an eye out for new industry advancements and trends.

Take advantage of innovative software, and get accustomed to virtual design tools. Don’t be afraid to get creative and explore different concepts — test and experiment with what works best for your designs. Start now and reap the ultimate rewards!

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