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Promoted as India’s first social media app- Elyments, is launched on 5th July, 2020, on the occasion of “Gurupurnima”. And very soon, after the app launching, the netizens start searching for information about what is Elyments and how to use it? If you are also looking for this Super-social media app, then this article is for you.

Of course, as a mission statement of “Astmanirbhar Bharat” (Self-reliant India) the government of India has already taken its first move by Banned 59 Chinese applications in the last week of June, 2020.

Further on the quest, supporting the goal of becoming a “self-reliant” nation, here’s a new announcement by the Vice president of India, via launching a social media app named, Elyment. A Super social media app, combining all the features of the top social networking sites. And most importantly the app is created and hosted in India.

Elyments: India’s First Social Media App

Elyments is a social media application developed By Bangalore-based IT company, having all the required features that users are looking for in community sites. The interface of the app is quite equaling with the leading social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But, as we know, this app launched recently, So we can expect that the app format and design may change soon.

But, the great thing about this app is, Data security. Here user’s privacy is the first and foremost concern from the developer’s end. After all, this app launching happens soon after banning risky chinese applications which seemed big threats for users’ data and security.

Elyment app is available free to download from Google play store, and supports the eight languages, including Indian local languages.

Moreover,on Google play store the application has already attained 500,000 installs on the first day of launching. That shows the enthusiasm of the Indian audience of having a home-made social media application on their mobile. The app is also available on iPhone app store, while a desktop application is not ready yet.

Elyments, integrated the features of the popular social media platforms for social networking, chatting, and making free audio/video calls. This Super-app, enables users to connect with friends, message them, interact with each other’s contents via feed, and even let them make a video call, as well.

The app has options for accessing the latest news updates. Plus to surf content related to multiple subject niches from lifestyle, health, fitness, sports, music, and all.

Combining the features of top social networking sites, the Elyment also has an option to take photos, applying multiple filters. The app also have options of using AR characters while creating posts with innovative elements.

The developer company also admitted that they have a plan to add more features to this social media platform. As future updates regarding payment options- Elyment Pay and eCommerce facilities focusing on B2Bs, may be available on app, in upcoming months.

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Is Elyment, Really that Secure?

As you already know, the incident of the chinese app ban due to the user’s data privacy and all. The privacy feature is also a challenge for this application. And app developers actually have taken major concern over users’ information security the most.

Along with assurance to users’ data security, all that information is stored on Indian servers. The application has required privacy elements and settings for securing personal profiles and posted content. Hosted in Indian servers, there’s relief from app developers on not to share the users’ data to third parties without the user’s permission.

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Things You Want to Know About Elyments: 

  • India’s first social media app, developed by an Indian company
  • App developer: Sumeru Software solutions, a Bangalore based IT firm.
  • Supported by Art of Living and Developed by thousand plus IT experts
  • Available to download from Google Play and Apple’s App stores
  • User’s privacy is the main focus on this app, as data are hosted on Indian servers
  • Supporting 8 Indian languages
  • Application downloads: 1M+ on Google play store
  • Average ratings: 4.4
  • Expected updates: eCommerce platform facilities and Elyments Pay

Where can you Find “Trending Us”, on Elyments App?

“Is Trending Us on Elyments?”

“Yep, you heard that right. You can access to our contents from there, as well. “

For that Just, Go to the ‘Hub’ section of app. And, find us under the ‘News’ bar.

Trending us on elyments hub

A Hub section of app, is there to update you with all latest news, posts and contents of your choice. It’s like a news feed, showing the popular articles, updates from lifestyle, health, technology, games, latest news, and more.

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