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Are you an avid skier? Are you planning to hit the slopes this winter?

Well, you’ll be joining 9 million other skiers who will be hitting the slopes again when this winter rolls around.

Even if you are an avid skier, you may not realize that there are different types of skis out there. But there are!

If you want to learn more about what types of skiis are out there, keep reading!

Race Skis

Racing skis are made to go fast, hence the name. Because they are meant to be fast, they are pretty heavy to make the extra weight dig into the course to keep you on track. Because of this, they do not do great in fresh powder.

Race skis also have slim widths for more of an aerodynamic type of ski, which can make it more difficult to balance.

If you are planning to race, then you want to of with race skis. However, if you just want to hit the slopes for fun, there are more options out there that may fit your needs better.

Carving Skis

If you are planning on going skiing for recreational purposes, carving skis are one option that you may choose from. 

These types of skis will give you more of an ability to float on fresh powder or move around in trees if you like tree skiing. However, they are still best for groomed snow as they float best on compact ground.

Backcountry Skis

Backcountry skis are meant for the backcountry. They are designed more for  skiing uphill and wandering the mountains rather than skiing down. If need be, they can ski down, though.

These skis are made in a variety of widths and lengths, depending on their overall purpose.

Powder Skis

And now for what we’ve all been waiting for: Powder skis.

These are best in fresh powder, providing stability and agility when there is fresh snow on the ground. These skis are typically fatter than the rest and have an upturned tip to make sure you don’t get stuck in the fresh snow.

Because they are wide, they do not ski as well on compact snow.

Many people like the look of powder skis and choose to use these all of the time, even when conditions are not optimal.

All-Mountain Skis

All-mountain skis are for all mountains – whether there is fresh snow, compact snow, trees, moguls…you name it! These skis will be perfect for all conditions.

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Types of Skis You Need

There are so many types of skis out there, and each one is for a different purpose. Pair one of these ski types with necessary skiing equipment and skiing accessories, and you’ll be ready to hit the slopes in no time!

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