Purchasing an iPhone X is more than just buying a smartphone; it’s an investment. The new iPhone X not only has a glass front screen that needs protecting, but it also has glass on the back too. Among other things, this glass back is what enables the phone’s wireless charging capabilities. It also makes your phone more prone to damage. Here are four simple things as seen on Break Fix Now that you can do to help protect your iPhone X.

Buy Insurance for Your iPhone

One of the best ways to protect your iPhone X is to purchase an insurance plan. While all the major carriers offer iPhone insurance policies, many of them are expensive. However, you’re more likely to pay a more considerable amount for repairs without insurance than you would with it.

One insurance option is AppleCare. Apple charges around $200 for an iPhone X AppleCare+ policy, but you get two years of protection, which includes up to two “incidents” of accidental damage. Even so, you will pay another $29 for a screen repair (like a deductible). However, without AppleCare+, the repair fee for a broken screen can be as much as $280 or more.

Another more affordable phone insurance option is SquareTrade. This company charges around $129 for a two-year plan, plus you get the option of adding a third year for just $30. SquareTrade also offers an in-home repair option that adds a small $25 deductible.

Whatever you decide, an insurance plan is likely to end up costing much less than a repair without insurance. Moreover, I don’t know about you, but to me, the extra cost is well worth it when it comes to protecting a $1,000 investment.

Invest in a Durable Case for iPhone X

While it seems almost criminal to stick your beautiful iPhone X inside a protective case, it’s one of the best ways to protect it. Just like with the screen protector, this is one area that you do not want to go cheap. Instead, look for a highly rated phone case that protects your phone from pretty much whatever you can do to it.

You can find phone cases made out of all sorts of materials ranging from plastic to polycarbonate to aluminum. Of course, the more durable the material, the more protection you get. For example, an aluminum iPhone X waterproof case can protect your phone from slight water damage. A thin plastic case, on the other hand, may only protect your phone from scratches and dings.

Opt for a case that fits your lifestyle as well. For example, if you work in outside construction, you should get an iPhone X waterproof case that not only protects your phone from shocks, drops, and dirt, but also protects it from water. If you work in an office environment, perhaps a case that offers protection from dents, dings, drops, and scratches will work best for you.

Whichever type case you decide to use, make sure it’s durable and reliable.

Get a Screen Protector for Your iPhone X

Yet another way to help protect your iPhone X is to purchase a screen protector. The advantage? A screen protector will protect your phone’s glass from cracks and scratches, as well as absorb most of the impact if you accidentally drop your phone, helping to prevent the actual screen from shattering while protecting your wallet from a hefty repair bill, too.

Since both the front and back sides of the iPhone X are glass, you should get a screen protector for both sides. There are tons of glass protectors on the market. Some offer dual-layer tempered glass, while others provide both front and back glass protection. Whichever you go with, don’t cheap out and get just any screen protector. Instead, opt for one made of high quality, tempered glass.

Get a Grip for iPhone X

A fourth way to protect your iPhone X is to get a grip. A smartphone grip, that is. Phone grips enable you to have a better grasp, or grip, on your phone, therefore lessening the chances of you dropping it.

Like cellphone cases, grips come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. Some grips are merely fabric loops, while others are little discs that “pop” out to give you a two-fingered grip and a stand.

In Conclusion

It only takes a moment to damage an iPhone. So take a few minutes to invest in these four ways to protect your iPhone X so you can enjoy it for years to come.

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