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Have you ever been out with your friends having a good time, enjoying the drinks and your hair starts to itch? You go to scratch it, and you get it done without a second thought.

But then all of a sudden you see a whole lot of white flakes sprinkling around. Your first thought probably is, “why are there white flakes in the air?” This place needs to invest in a good air purifier.” But then you realize those flakes are coming from your head.

Nothing can stop the embarrassment from rushing over you. But what can you do now? You’re already outside and with your friends no less!

This has happened to many people, so you don’t have to fret. Dandruff is so common that one in five people have it right now. If this is you, you need some hydrated hair.

If you suffer from snowflakes in the summer, here are five to have more hydrated hair.

1. Pre-Pooing

It is important to understand what dandruff is first; it is a condition when your scalp has not properly been conditioned and/or properly moisturized, leaving your scalp to flake up

Often when you go to a salon, they will have you jump right into the wash, and use different hair products to reach your desired look. However, these products can be responsible for drying out your hair.

Enter pre-pooing or pre-shampooing. It helps lock in moisture before starting the process of washing hair.

2. Leave-in Conditioners

Alongside pre-pooing, leave-in conditioners are self-explanatory. After the shower and hair wash is complete, you add conditioner to your hair to lock-in all added nutrients left from the wash and shampoo.

This is not for the faint though. Leave-in conditioners take good practice and a lot of trial and error.

3. Pay Attention to your Diet

Just like with anything, your diet and what you eat has a direct correlation to how well your hair looks and feels. Poor diety and self-care can result in bad and matted looking hair.

But when you do have a great diet, the physical appearances will manifest in everything that you do or exhibit. Healthy, moisture, and not a hair out place.

4. Blowdryers Are the Devil

Blowdryers have been around for a long time, and people still use them in hair salons and at home regularly. However, blowdryers can cause breakage and splitting when too much heat is applied.

Instead try air-drying your hair, as it will not suffer the heat that can cause this.

Hydrated Hair For You

Dandruff is a bane for the social scene, don’t let yourself come down with dandruff again. Be sure to maintain hydrated hair wherever you go, and it won’t be snowing whenever you decide to scratch your scalp.

Hydrate your hair, next time you go out with your friends, instead of joking about your air, the will have no choice but to compliment your voluminous hair.

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