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Over 60 percent of men and 71 percent of women over the age of 65 say they are more lonely now than before the pandemic. Seniors, in general, are more prone to feelings of loneliness than other adults, and with the drastic social changes over the last few years, it’s no wonder they’ve been hit hard in that department.  

For many of them, assisted living might be the answer. This article outlines five reasons why it can help.

Let’s get started! 

1. A Sense of Community

Isolation can often lead to more severe issues. It can trigger depression, poor self-esteem, rumination, regret, and feelings of chronic loneliness. 

An assisted living facility, among other things, provides a community of people with seniors to interact with. They can engage in age-appropriate activities and foster new relationships with those around them. This, in turn, will help them to destress and keep their minds engaged.

2. Personalized Care

Assisted living puts the focus back on the individual. Seniors get specialized services and care that are appropriate for their unique needs. At a good facility, the staff takes the time to get to know each individual to learn about their habits, and requirements during the day. 

This could include medical requirements, lifestyle requirements, and more. 

3. Comfort and Serenity

Most assisted living facilities are designed to give seniors a space that is safe and homey. This means you get the peace of mind, luxuries, and amenities you would at home, in a place that’s designed to keep you extra safe, as a senior. 

Staff is also trained to regularly check in on seniors to ensure that they are taking their medication and comfortable in their space. 

4. A Life of Independence 

Many seniors begin to feel like a burden to their loved ones once they reach a certain age. They may require assistance while performing certain routine tasks and feel a sense of helplessness. 

An assisted living facility can help them regain their sense of independence and feel like less of a hassle to their loved ones. Plenty of assisted living facilities have on-call caregivers who can help seniors with routine tasks when necessary. Seniors can still feel a sense of physical and mental autonomy in their old age. 

5. Engagement and Activity 

While retirement can be an exciting time for many, it can also come with a sense of restlessness and boredom. However, when you opt for an assisted living you not only get community but regularly planned activities. 

These include movie nights, art or music classes, poker nights, card tournaments, book clubs, and gyms. Some facilities even have exercise pools. You can see here to learn more about it!

Explore Assisted Living for Your Loved Ones

Assisted living facilities come with a host of benefits for seniors. Not only do they enjoy an assisted living community, but they can take comfort in a homey environment, feel safe, protected, and engaged.

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