Upcoming interior design trends Upcoming interior design trends

We already talked about kid’s jewelry trends for this year, but what about the interior design trends?

Furniture is rounded off, colors become brighter, and objects become more textured, designers still look back at the 70s, nature remains the main trendsetter in interior fashion, and care for the environment is a global task. 

1. All shades of optimism

The upbeat ‘Very Peri’ has been selected as the Pantone Color of the year, describing it as a dynamic blue with vibrant purple-red overtones’.

Combining the stability of blue with the energy of red, Pantone says the new hue is meant to be a symbol of the global mood, and the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead of us. And nature once again became the ideological inspiration: “Very Peri” conveys the shade of evergreen periwinkle flowers.

It may seem that the choice of the color of the year is a whim dictated by the subjective tastes of Pantone employees. In fact, the staff of the institute conducts an analysis of world sentiment, fixing color patterns and preferences, and only on the basis of long-term research makes a forecast. The choice of Pantone is more than just a color, it is a visual concentrate of a collective mood.

The choice of Pantone confirms that the trendy interior is ready for rich shades. The world has changed, we have begun to spend more time at home and want to see optimistic colors in the living space. Recall that last year Pantone also opted for a bright shade: sunny yellow “Illuminating”, though paired with neutral “Ultimate Grey”.

Other opinion leaders in the field of color are betting on calmer, albeit rich, shades. So the paint brand Tikkurila called the color of 2023 the basic red-brown shade “L478 Falcon”. The migratory bird that inspired the brand is known for always coming home. Representatives of Tikkurila explained such associations with the desire to create a soft and strong shade, at the same time reminiscent of home warmth and inspiring travel.

The Dulux colorists, in turn, relied on the color “Bright Skies” – an airy shade of blue, which should evoke a feeling of openness and lightness in the soul.

2. Forward to the past

Forward to the past

Everyone is used to the fact that sooner or later some decade returns to fashion from a grandmother’s chest, adapts to modern realities, and stirs up the minds of designers. It’s been the 1970s for a few years now.

Wicker rattan furniture, shaggy rugs, squat modular sofas that invite you to lie down rather than sit down, lacquered wood and plywood, embossed velveteen furniture upholstery – all these are signs of the free-spirited hippie and disco era that have returned to interior design.

A special chic is to combine objects of modern furniture factories stylized as the 70s and vintage originals in the living space.

3. Smooth lines of nature

Smooth lines of nature

The trend for smooth lines and rounding is gaining momentum in interior design. Instead of rigid and rectangular, it became smooth and streamlined. Over the past year, we have become accustomed to arched openings and sofas without sharp corners. This year, fluid natural shapes and rounding should become even more accentuated.

In the world of furniture, the main characters become half-moon sofas, chairs, and armchairs with rounded backs, round dining tables, coffee tables, and poufs. Carpets, sculptures, and other decorative elements also tend to round out, making the space visually softer and reminiscent of natural landscapes. To find such designs you can look at the homelegance collections. 

Bubble lamps are still relevant, a new word: lamps imitating the shape of mushrooms. Although, not so new – another fashionable hello from the 1970s.

4. You can look, you can touch

In  2021  a significant value in the interior is tactility, which allows you to get more emotions and sensations from the living space. We can confidently say that this trend will receive a logical continuation.

This trend set the fashion for large velveteen, velvet, sherpa, and bouclé wool, which ceased to exist only as covers on decorative pillows and mastered a large format: upholstery of armchairs, sofas, banquettes, and beds.

In a fashionable interior not only textiles and upholstered furniture should have tactile properties. Ceramic tiles with a pronounced relief are in fashion, which wins back the walls in kitchens and bathrooms from the classic and indestructible patchwork.

A notable interior trend also promises to be ribbed glass, which will appear in living spaces as vases, glasses, shower screens, and glass blocks.

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5. Ethics is the new aesthetic

Caring for the environment is becoming a global task of the modern world, which the fashion industry cannot ignore. The focus of the industrial design is environmental friendliness and product safety.

Eco-trends in the fashionable interior are no longer just a declaration of love for natural materials. The fashion for furniture and decoration from recycled materials is gaining momentum, whether it be wood, glass, or metal. In the new year, there will be more and more such items in the interior.

Upcycling is the creative recycling of old things on everyone’s lips. A classic example is a quilt made from scraps of fabric and T-shirts that you no longer intend to wear. This is a two-in-one trend: environmental care + handmade fashion.

Another trend that welcomes ethical consumption: an interior mix of new things and vintage finds. The more vintage items, the more fashionable, especially if they are from the 70s.

Global trends in the interior of 2023 remain the same: designers are inspired by the natural world and promote respect for it. And what microtrends will shoot in the new year – time will tell.

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